Benchmade 705S

Nov 1, 2000
I just acquired this knife in a trade from Clyde. Thanks Clyde. The 705 feels small in the hand and carries small. The blade came shaving sharp but not up to my specs. The grinds allowed me to take the 705 to the 204 Sharpmaker and after a few passes and some stropping on an old leather belt the damn thing was as sharp as my LCC D/A. Lock-up is solid, as you would expect with the axis lock. Overall, I give this knife an A, but I don't believe anyone with very large hands would appreciate it.

On the contrary, I have found a fairly comfortable grip on my 05/00 KOTM version of the 705. My hands are about a XL in the palms, but my fingers are probably 1/2" to 3/4" longer than most hands of the same palm size. My standard grip is with my index finger on the flat just behind the choil, my thumb over the top of the pivot pin, and my remaining three fingers starting about 1/2" back in the swell. None of the knife actually rests in my palm, it rests up at the base of my fingers. No the knife is not as hand filling as others I have but it is comfortable and easy to hold. You adapt to what you have available and learn how to work with it to your best advantage. I like my 705 and it works well for me.

Take care.


I look at the BM705 in a different light.

To me, it's a pocket knife, and the strongest and most rugged I own next to my small Sebenza. I consider anything larger than the 705 to NOT be a pocket knife, but rather a knife that happens to fold and fit in the pocket. Airline security and others see it this way too!

When you consider other pocket knives made by Case, Buck, and others, the 705 is actually very hand-filling. I've got rather small hands, so the 705 works very well for me (so maybe I just need to shut up

Regarless, I hope you enjoy yours as much as I have mine. It's been riding in my front or back pocket since May '99 with no regrets whatsoever.

I've had my 705 SBT for a few months now, and like it a lot. The only drawback IMO is it's slightly more abrasive when clipped to the pocket (due to its design) than many other clip knives on pocket material. Other than that, mine works like a gem.

For a one-hander it's small, but as Professor mentioned, for a pocketknife it isn't small. It it were an old-fashioned folder, it would be considered somewhat sizable. I like the fact it's "overbuilt" for its size.
I've had my 705 for about a month now and I have used it to cut alot of different things and it has held up well. I really like mine and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a smaller knife.
I work mostly in an office environment. My 705 gets used every day and is the perfect size for everything I have encountered while at work. It never seems to intimidate the people around me either, even with a fast one hand opening.