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Benchmade 710 M2 Steel - Fair Price?

Jan 4, 2007
I have a friend that will sell me his Benchmade 710 M2 steel that is in pretty much mint condition for $200.

Is that a fair price? Seems a little steep but I want one :)
I don't really see to many of the M2 for sale, 200 seems a little high to me though. However if ya really want the knife and a friend has it, you could make him a little lower offer and see what happens.
If it's the only one that you can find, then it's worth whatever you are willing to pay to get it. Many knives in the 710's class go for that kind of money once they are discontinued. $200 might be high if you can regularly find them for $150-160, but I don't know how easy they are to find anymore. I'd love to get a BM710 with a plain edge and M2.
The one's on ebay that are mint new in box have sold for 225.00 and up. There is a used one ending in 3 days and it's up to 162.00.
M2 is my favorite steel so for me the answer is easy. If you can afford it and it's a folder style you like, then I'd say go for it ... this model is going away fast and will likely be more expensive with time.
SteveG30 is right about *bay prices. IIRC MSRP on these was in the $180-190 range, so it isn't a crazy price. If you want it, and it's in good shape, I'd do it. They probably aren't going to make any more of these.
That 710m2 I was talking about sold for 305.00. It was USED. If you can buy your friends for 200.00 I would.
That 710m2 I was talking about sold for 305.00. It was USED. If you can buy your friends for 200.00 I would.

eBay? A couple of bidders must have had too many cups of coffee. I bought three in the last couple of months of 2006, all from dealers, and researched the eBay prices at that time. My recollection is that they were all in the $210-230 range. BTW, I paid $80, $80 and $190 for the three knives, all NIB.
I recently found two NIB leftovers at local Benchmade dealers. Both are plain edge. One was selling for retail, so I paid $185 and the other one was from a police supply store, and he had it in the case for $120.:D
I got my new mint 710 plain edge M2 puchased. $212 final price and I am like a kid on Christmas morning to get the exact knife/steel/edge that I wanted. I don't have it in my hands yet but I should have it by the end of this week.
I just picked up a ebay 710 in D2, just back from the factory with a new blade no less for 84 bucks. Traded my pre prod. and the dumbest ass thing I ever did for a MarkII folder. The Mark II is put together excellantly for sure but the blade grind leaves much to be desired so I wanted another 710 and ebay was the answer. keepem sharp
I know a D2 one is going to run you about 115 online, and I think when I got my M2 one from New Graham it was like 125. Seeing as how it is dicontinued and you rarely see them for sale, I don't think $200 is a bad price.

Its not neccassarily a good price either, but its not like your getting bent over.
all i can say is i have had 3 or 4 710's and would never even consider paying $200 for one.

i suppose something is worth what folks will pay, i guess my BM 710 prototype is worth more than $100 now then lol.

if the only one ya can find is $200, and ya have your heart set on 1, then $200 is what it costs.

$103 sounds a lot more palatable though.