Benchmade 710

Aug 20, 2009
Hello everyone!

I'm still considering getting Benchmade but I am not quite yet decided model. I did saw Benchmade 710 D2 here cheaper than Benchmade Rift 950 or Benchmade Osborne 940.

Now I do like D2 steel, it has Axis lock, fairly thin and good looking knife. I'd like some opinions about these knives. I am looking good all around user knife for home and general carry (also outdoor). Does BM710 fit that bill? Any opinions about it?

I think it would make nice first Benchmade.

Thanks alot.
It's a flagship knife!!! It's one of my all time favorites and a must have in my book.
Hell of a lot of blade is a small frame. Get IT!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a strong, extremely well-made knife that handles like a dream and has my favorite lock. But it has a long, skinny and thick blade with a pronounced saber grind and a weak recurve. It isn't a great all-around cutter. In a Benchmade, the Grip/RSK is a better all-around knife. And the Rukus, though larger and discontinued, is excellent.
The Griptillian with orange handles is something I've been eyeing too... I have to say I do like bit better griptillians blade profile.
All great knives. I will say that in the size and sleekness department, the 940 wins. I'm a small person and the 940 disappears into my pockets whereas the 710 and Griptilian take up a good deal of space. That may not be an issue, and that being said, the 710 and Griptilian are somewhat more capable for harder use tasks.
I feel it is the quintessential Benchmade. It is a large knife (4" blade) without feeling large with a smooth operating AXIS lock. My lock was a bit "sticky" at first but it wore in after several open and closings. Now it is as smooth as butter. And what I like about the AXIS lock is that the blade detent tension is constant and lasts for the first inch or 2 (25-50mm) of the opening travel.

It is very well made with excellent fit & finish but I would rate my Spyderco Endura 4 G-10 a bit higher in F&F. The D2steel holds an edge very well. The blade shape is great and should be able to handle any task you throw at it (within reason). The G-10 is not as grippy as others but the shape is comfortable with a nice swell at the pivot area preventing slipping in a thrust cut.

Overall, a great folding knife.

I highly recommend it! :thumbup:
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I have a 710 and it's been back-beveled at 30* then a 40* microbevel with a lot of stropping and it slices newspaper. An awesome knife.

I also had (2) 940's and sold one to a member here. I love this little knife too. Super light, deploys as fast as an auto knife, sheeple friendly with a deceptively long blade in a small package.

Buy Both!! :D
I think I got for Griptilian with orange handles for hard work. 710 for general utility and 940 because I like it...

Of course this is my next 6 month plan :D Starting with Griptilian.
I have a 710 and it's been back-beveled at 30* then a 40* microbevel with a lot of stropping and it slices newspaper.

I've reprofiled mine to 30 degrees, too. No secondary bevel. And, sure, I can slice newspaper. But for other tasks, such as cutting up cardboard, the 710 blade is too thick to shine. The 30-degree bevel is 2 mm wide on my 710, versus about 1 mm on my RSK and Military. That indicates a lot of thickness in the cutting range of the blade.

For some tasks, that thickness will be less important. For others, it will reduce your cutting power significantly.
i love the 710, but mine always had a little lateral blade play that my 551 never did
My two favorite Benchmade knives are the 710 and the 950 Rift. They are comfortable to carry and you get more blade for your buck. Get it. You won't be disappointed.
The 710 is not the best knife for every task, but I have found the design to be good enough for most tasks to be my "standard" carry.
i bought my 710 years back when they arrived, still no looseness & SILK SMOOTH. THE 710 is heavier & stronger than the endura 4 but really they are different class knives. the 710 is an alley sweeper & the endura a great edc medium duty worker.dennis for deep slicing the endura is the ticket.
I like the Rift better than the 710. I find the lock a little more refined and I also like the blade shape better. The blade is also a little thinner yet has a fairly strong tip because of the reverse tanto. Just my opinion.
The 710 and the 950 are two of my favorite Benchmades. You won't be disappointed in either knife. I am no sharpening guru but I think the 950 is easier to sharpen due to the 710's recurve blade. The 950 is also a better slicer in my opinion.
I have both 710 and 950 models and think the 950's the better slicer but the 710's a workhorse and is my trail knife on most outdoor activities. Sharpening the 950 is easier with the drop point 154cm blade, the 710 in D2 holds an edge longer but is a bear to sharpen if let go dull.

And the sharpening solution to all of this, IMO, is the Edge Pro system...:)
The 710 is a classic and everybody should have at least 1. One of the top 3 knives I've regretted having to sell was a 710 HS ( M2 steel , plain edge) that was kept NIB until the day I sold it . ( I had about 5 other M2 knives at the time)

Man I wish I had that knife back! The CPM M4 710 does just as well as M2 ever did at the hardnesses benchmade used but I still miss it like a lost family member.

Not many of the knives I've gotten rid of over the years have that effect on me.

Love the Benchmade 710 and I sold the Rift.

Liked the Rift A LOT, but theres just something about the 710. The slim profile makes it great for "big" knife carry.