Benchmade 720 and the Elishewitz Ares?

Dec 28, 1998
Is it just me, or does the new Mel Perdue look
a whole lot like the prototypes I've seen of the soon to be released (I hope!) Elishewitz Ares by Benchmade?
What?!?! Where did you see the prototype(s)?

I would imagine that the blade of the 720 will be quite different, as will the AL handles. I thought Mr. Ellishewitz said the handles would be multi-colored G-10. That by itself would make them different enough for me.

Pray tell, where did you see the prototype(s) and, more importantly, are there pics on the 'net?

A post was made on the general forum concerning the BM version of the Ares, so I did a search on it. It looks NOTHING like the 720... It should be on E's web page (I think it was, but I wouldn't know, as I STILL CAN'T GET PAST THE MO-FO'IN WELCOME PAGE!!! I SWEAR there is NO link to get past there!!! If so, could SOMEONE please send me a link to an ACTUAL page??? I would really appreciate it.
Luria, please tell where you saw these prototype pics! I'm anxiously awaiting the release of this knife.

I want to see!!


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