Benchmade 720 vs. 730

Tough question. Of the two I would have to say that the 720 is better suited for utility purposes.

Dennis Bible
Well, they are different sizes. Personally, I like the 730 better, which is why I bought it. It is a larger knife, but only weighs 0.10 oz more, due to G10 instead of aluminum scales. One thing to think about, given where you're from, is that the aluminum may get quite hot in the sun.


If I should choose the best fruit, pack strap and box attacking knife among BENCHMADE products I would choose Model 710 Axis Lock or Model 705 if smaller knife is desired. Axis Lock is rock solid, recurved blade provides powerful cutting if required, handle shape is very comfortable and G-10 scales are better for me than aluminum ones on Model 720.
If you are really going to buy one of the Axis Lock folders (very good idea itself
) make your choice basing mostly on handling comfort. Try to handle all these knives and choose one which fits your hand the best.
Think also about carry mode, which you prefer. 710 and 730 are designed for tip-up carry but 720 - for tip-down.

Sergiusz Mitin
Lodz, Poland
I prefer the 720 to the 730 as a result of the way it feels in my hand. Also it has a great blade for utility.

You can carry it tip up or down. I carry it tip up as I find it works better for me that way, but you do have a choice.

I have a couple of 710's and the 720. You can't go wrong with any of the Axis lock Benchmades imho.


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