Benchmade 750 question

Taking it apart voids Benchmade's warrantee, but the 750 should be the easiest BM to take apart (gotta love the simplicity of the integral lock).


Very simple to take apart. I clean mine and relube it when necessary and never think twice about it.
One of the reasons I like fixed blade knives is because they're so easy to clean. But, folders are easier to carry. I really like my BM 720, but I would hate to get it full of gunk, guts or whatever.

Thanks for the replies guys.

How is the sharpening on the 750? Is it as hard to sharpen as the 710?

I had no problem sharpening my 750 (or 710) on my Apex, the 204 works as well.

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If mine is any indication, it is a @#$%%%*&!!! It took me about one hour total to sharpen my 710 using Joe Talmadge's FAQ. I have put in about TWO hours on my 750 and all that I have really sharp is the inch and a half on the tip end. I put magic marker on mine so that I could see exactly where my sharpmaker was hitting the blade. On the regular 40 degree angle I was no where near the edge of my knife. So I switched over to the 30 degree angle and proceeded to GRIND AWAY! I use this knife as a work knife and I really love it. The more that I use it the more I like it.

It took a while since BM grinds their edges so thick, but it didn't present any real problems. Once you get it sharp, it really performs.