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Benchmade 750 Refinement

Oct 3, 1998
Evolution happens:



That's interesting. I have the older model. Any idea why BM made the change. Looks like the integral lock is 1/3 thinner with the new model. The clip looks a little more out of the way though the placement of the old model doesn't bother me any.

Initially my pinnacle lock was very tight but the titanium lock wore down pretty quick. Wonder if the newer, thinner lock will wear out quicker thus shortening the life of the lock possibly.


The newer one looks like a weaker construction.
Got to get an older one, I guess.

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Evolution perhaps, but it does not appear to be an improvement. It seems an adjustment was made for the sake of clip placement, not an important factor to me personally. The CRKT also has a very small lock cutout, the old design of the Pinnacle was one of the features that made it a superior product.

James, I undertand the thumbstud is no longer reversable. Could you confirm or deny this? Any other changes that you can discern? I would like to know, as several of my co-workers have expressed an interest in this knife. One has already placed an order, I hope he will not be dissapointed.

Thanks for the information.

I may get to pick the brains of some Benchmade folks at the Blade Show. I'm guessing it might be to make the lock release a little easier. It'sometimes difficult with the earlier model, depending on time, temperature, and the phase of the moon. The specimen in the picture passed my spine-tap test. And that narrower strip of titanium is still a long way from being a paper clip and still beefier than a conventional liner lock, so I suspect that any impact that would defeat it would would defeat my hand first.

i think, over at the BM forum, there was talk of a redesign because the lock on the 750 was hard to dis-enagage under various different environmental conditions....I doubt that any decrease in lock strength is that significant...

p.s. where's summer? it's about 50 degrees and very windy here in Daly City/S.F....
I've been wondering this for a while now, why is it that I hear about the titanium on the Pinnacle being affected by temperture, weather, or what have you, making the lock sometimes hard to disengage. But I never hear these complaints about the Sebenza? I believe they are both made of the same titanium alloy (6AL4V i believe). What gives? Anybody know?

I just took a look at my Pinnacle (First Production Run 1 of 1000) - the clip rests directly over the split. Otherwise, the top picture could be mine. Looks like the location of the clip has floated around a bit. Anybody know the reason?