Benchmade 750SBT Pinnacle!!

Oct 3, 1998
my local retail store just called me and asked if i wanted to purchase the new BM Pinnacle that they just got in! i went down and purchased it, and it is one hell of a knife! i must say that i am totally surprised by this one. i also recently purchased the axis 710 and now i like the pinnacle better! i think that the pinnacle is also very, if not in more need, of a M-2 blade. this knife appears to be one tough working knife. i probably shouldn't say this, but it is not too far away from Sebenza quality. it is definitely way more than i ever expected from a production knife. the integral lock is so solid, i have more confidence in it than i do my new axis lock! as far as the sebenza comparison goes - for some reason, if you even begin to use the words "pinnacle" and "sebenza" in the same sentence on the other forum, they tend to berate and ridicule you. but please, someone who is more qualified than i, get one of the pinnacles. i want to see a review of this knife.
the fit and finish are custom quality, and it has just replaced my axis lock. any thoughts on this knife?

I did not even know that the pinnacle had shipped yet. Is there any one on the net that has them? I love the design and really want one.

How's the weight on that knife in the pocket? I was wondering about that due to Titanium stocks rather than the G-10. It probably doesn't make much of a difference though.
hello - i don't think anyone on the net has them yet - but i could be wrong. try local retailers. mine gave me a 20% discount because i come in a lot and purchase most of my knives there. maybe you could ask your retailer about some kind of discount also.
i haven't noticed any extra weight with the pinnacle. it feels very comfortable in my pocket. i prefer it for utility use to my axis lock. i believe that BM said that the axis lock was stronger, but i don't see how. having the pinnacle has made me want to purchase the large Sebenza. i like the idea of having two titanium slabs, one of them holding the blade open. the integral lock is so simple, even compared to the axis lock. i think this is why i prefer it. it's very easy to clean, and not much can go wrong with the mechanism. the titanium makes it corrosion proof as well. i'm thinking of going to costa rica this summer with with some fellow biology students to help some professors with their research. if i go, it will be the pinnacle that accompanies me. it was going to be my m-2 afck, but no more. what does anyone think of this choice?

At last years Shot Show I made mention of the similarities of the 2 knives (Sebenza -vs- Pinnacle) to Mark McWillis. They are very similar and so much so that the comparison is only natural so feel free to express your opinions here without ridicule.

What I would really like to know is Chris Reeve's true feeling about this obvious knock off. Yes I said knock off!

I doubt Chris will publicly acknowledge his true feelings on the subject but I will openly admit that I feel this knife is a knock off and I would be a bit upset.

It also makes me wonder why Benchmade should of approached Chris to see if he would do a ccustom collaboration like they do with other makers. It also makes me wonder if that ever was done and if Chris said "no" or what the story is.

Maybe someone could go over to the other forum and ask. I can't post over there.

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Mike, what constitutes a knock-off? The lock operates on the same principle, and the handle is made of titanium.

Have you looked at other aspects of the knives in question? Different handle shape; different blade profile; different grind; different steel. Hmmm. I'm not very good at math, but it looks to me like there are more differences than similarities

By the way, I don't hear you complaining about CRKT and Mission/Allen Elishewitz.

It must be about Christmas time. Ho ho ho.

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i asked the "knockoff" question last night on the Chris Reeve forum at the other forums. good idea, mr. turber. hopefully he will let us know his opinion sometime soon.
they must be having trouble with their site over there - it seems i can't enter their forum.

Both of their forum sites are down (malfunctioning) for some reason. This close to Xmas, they may be a little slow to come back up.

I think I agree with David Rock. Mike, do you think the Mission Knives folder and the CRKT S-2 are knockoffs also?

The integral lock is identified with Chris Reeve, that's for sure. I don't normally feel that just using the same locking mechanism necessarily constitutes a knockoff, though.

The Mission folder, S-2, and Pinnacle all have different blade shapes than the Sebenza, different grinds, different blade sizes, different handle shapes, different steel. In fact, other than the integral lock and the fact that the handles are all titanium (which is an artifact of the integral lock anyway), there are very few similarities between those knives and the Sebenza.

Do they all constitute knockoffs, or just the Pinnacle? Why?

I don't want to get into one of those detailed semantic arguments about what, ontologically, is a "knockoff". It's just that other than the lock similarity, it just doesn't seem to me that any of the three are knockoffs of the Sebenza, and each distinguishes itself nicely from the Sebenza.

Sebenza knock-off? Don't think so. It may look like it, but if the Sebenza is anything like the Pinnacle, then IMHO a lot of people were ripped off. Since the majority of Sebenza owners are people with a great deal of knife knowledge, I doubt that is the case. My impression of the Pinnacle,,,uh, no thanks. It may be OK for someone, but not me. I'm not thrilled by stiff opening, chalky finishes, a lock that barely contacts the blade and uneven grinds. To comapare BG42 to ATS34 is like comapreing gold to platinum. A year ago I bled Benchmade Blue. Not anymore. The Pinnacle seems to be the Tactical Flavor of the week, a good try at something different, but not quite enough. Just because it says Benchmade on the box, it isn't an assurance that what is in the box is superior quality or design. In fact, just the opposite these days. As for me, I'll pass on this one and put the money towards a Sebenza. If the Pinnacle floats your boat, go for it.

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just a quick update - my pinnacle began showing very excessive vertical blade play after only appx 1 week and little use. the benchmade support team replied to my message and told me to call their warranty department, that they would probably take care of it and that i might not have to send it in. well, i called and Angie at BM warranty dept told me that "Dave is wrong", and that i would have to return the knife to BM for warranty work. she did say that they would refund my shipping and send the knife back to me via 2nd day air. this was very fair, but i have lost confidence in the Pinnacle altogether. i returned it to the dealer i bought it from and he will return it to BM.
i suppose i got prematurely excited. the pinnacle seems to be a great knife. i still love the design. maybe i just got a dud. oh well - my next knife will be a sebenza.