Benchmade 780 - very sad news

not taking a product to market that does not meet their high standards

Uh, I hate to be dense, but that sounds like marketing speak.

Would a reasonable translation be:

We can't make this knife at a price point low enough to make some profit and still reach our intended audience acceptance price" ?
Most unfortunate. :( I'm also not pleased with introducing a product in the catalog with all the hoopla and then yanking it.
I wondered that myself. I can't imagine why they would complete the marketing aspects first - work up the protos, establish the price, put it in the catalog, advertise it on the website, possibly take pre-orders from Distributors and Dealers and then pull the knife before full production. I would guess it must have been a pretty significant production issue that sprang up. Nice looking knife, not my style but you can certainly see the appeal it would have had for some folks.
I know this is a super old thread but just to clear up one thing since I was one of the lucky few to get one of these (took a drive of about 200 miles round trip to grab one). The knife is perfect and I can't find any 'standard' that it could not meet for quality. I would suspect it was too difficult to produce or too costly possibly but nothing about it lacks quality. Or maybe some of them did have problems and they couldn't get perfect ones each time. Just saying if one ever comes up for grabs it's great quality from my experience.
I saw a youtube video where it's partially reviewed. They said the stainless steel handles were made with a new to Benchmade metal injection molding process that they later found out could not produce consistent results. A large portion of the handles would warp upon cooling down resulting in grossly out of spec handles. I can only guess it was not practical to correct so they scrapped the project.

I love the looks of it and you are lucky to have one .
greater - surprised anyone was interested from that long ago but thanks for the history on this. MIne seems perfect and I just spent the last hour or more trying to find it so I could take some pictures as the last pics I had were from an old camera that didn't do it justice. I found it still very hard to get good pictures as the blade is so shiny it's hard to capture. I got number 54. On one website I just found today that was selling them originally it said only 30 to 40 were actually shipped out. I'll say after handling it again today I don't think I'll be giving it up anytime soon as it has a feel like no others. I can't upload pics here but will try to upload somewhere and get some links if anyone wants a peek at this one.

I see now after watching the video this youtuber confirms what I just mentioned about the quantity that actually were shipped. Thanks jeronimo. I didn't really know until today just how rare it is. :cool:
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