Benchmade 825-35-45's Are Shipping

Oct 3, 1998
One family of new Benchmades, announced at the SHOT Show, is now shipping through normal distribution channels. No, not the smaller Axis Lock! It's the new series of drop-point Ascent variants, with full flat-grind blades and thumb studs instead of the Spydie holes.

Here's a scan of the 825, the 835SBT, and the 845:


One First Impression: The right-handed clip seems to interfere less with the left thumb on the thumb-stud style blade than it does with the blade hole, when opening it left-handed.

And the 845 in the picture stayed locked open with several backwards slaps against a file folder on my terminally cluttered desk.


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James: Is the smallest model available in both a plainedge AND BT2 coating? Thanx. Jim
The price lists show an 825, an 825S, and an 825SBT, but not an 825BT. Same with the 835 and 845. Benchmade has recently introduced -BT versions of the original Ascents, and also fully serrated versions, i.e. 820FS.

Now if they could only put those blades on AFCK handles with Axis locks....

Clay Fleischer

"10,000 Lemmings Can't Be Wrong!"
You got that right, Clay. I am near thinking the Axis lock is the best thing since sliced bread. I really like the flat ground drop point blades. Although, if BM would just put the Axis lock on the AFCK's, I'd buy that in a heart beat, too.

So far, the only thing that has stopped me from going bankrupt is the fact that almost all of BM's knives have liner locks, and I just don't trust them. If BM starts littering it's product line with axis locks, I'm going to be in trouble.

Are you listening, Les?


> Now if they could only put those blades on
> AFCK handles with Axis locks....
> ------------------
> Clay Fleischer
I was going to get a Delica 98 for lightweight carry (my Pioneer drags down anything except jeans) but these are making me think twice.

My only concern is that the thumbstud appears to be plastic. Is it really plastic, or does it just look that way in the picture?

How thin do the tips get? Are they really skinny like the regular ascents? Perhaps a little beefier? (please, let them be beefy!)...

I had a chance to examine the 825 and 835BT at a knife shop today. In my opinion, they feel more "solid" than the original AFCK- inspired Ascents. The locking mechanisms (on the ones I examined) seem stiffer and better- fitted. I was going to get an 820, but now I think I'll search around for a good price and get either the 825sbt or 835bt. The flat grind is also superior to the usual saber grind, IMHO. Jim

I'm thinking that the tips will probably get pretty thin, a la 820-840 and AFCK, because of the flat grind. I think the only way that they could maintain the thickness to near the tip would be with a sabre or hollow grind.

But I could be wrong. I mainly wanted to keep this thread alive until someone who knows can/will let us know for sure.

Thanks Dogboy,

I really like the idea of a drop point Ascent, but thin tips are easier to deal with (you know, the Dremel Whack&bob maneuver
) on more pointy blades like the original Ascent's. MaybeI am just getting picky...

James, can we have a small review post from you....pleeeeeeeeease?

Taking a look at the 825 in my shirt pocket -

The point area is thin, but not as super-thin as the point of a Benchmade 640. If you want a thick point, you look among saber-ground blades. Thinner cuts better.