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Benchmade 840 folder ???


Jun 17, 2001
anyone have/carry a Benchmade 840, i don't see any info on these but it's a great knife, must have been discontinued about 2 years ago.
I checked with my sources(Another KnifeKnut), and discovered that the 840 was called the Ascent by Benchmade. They have recently updated their Ascent line of knives so I don't know if it is still around.
(Thanks Ouch for the info) :)
Very roughly, it was a "cheap version" of AFCK (Benchmade 802).

When I bought my M2 AFCK, I asked to Benchmade why the Ascent was so similar and so cheaper, compared to ATS 34 AFCK too.

They answered they were very similar, but there were some differences, mainly in the handle: in the Ascent it was made by Zytel, in AFCK it was made by titanium and G10.

Moreover, the Ascent was a lockback, while the AFCK is a linerlock.

I still find a description of Ascent at www.benchmade.com, perhaps they still sell it.

I don't know if there are Ascents in the shops anymore, but you can go for an AFCK (in M2, IMHO).

they were selling for $48 at the gunshop thats why i picked up mine, also i light the zytel for it's super lightweight. i wasn't aware that it was also known as the Ascent, thanks.
Actually, if you are talking about the version that had the round hole like the AFCK, I have had experience with it. I purchased a couple of them, but had some problems with blade action and rubbing. They are good utility knives, and right now if you find the right one that has none of the rubbing or centering problems, they will do you well. I particularly liked the SBT versions.

If you have one and like it, carry it, use it in good health!!;)