Benchmade 856D2 - any good? Fit and finish? Alternatives?

Apr 20, 2004
I was thinking of buying a Benchmade 856 in D2 online. I've never seen one in person. What are your thoughts on this knife?

How big is it? AG Russel has some pre production models that sport 2-3/4" blades and 6 11/16" total length - is this the same for the production model?

How is the fit and finish of the 856?

Is the blade sturdy?

Lastly, if you were shopping for a cool little knife in this price range (~$60), what other knife might you buy? I like G-10 and Micarta . . and I've been happy with my Kershaw Leek and jigged bone Al Mar Hawk. I'm not a fan of plastic/Zytel.

Apr 20, 2004
My one and only BUMP on this topic.

Anybody have any comments?

I've also been looking at the Nemesis Imp with VG-10 and Silver G-10:


Should I forget the 856D2 and save my pennies for the imp? ($99 for the Imp vs $59 for the 856D2)


Oh, and a pic of the 856 for comparison:

Nov 24, 1999
I haven't handled that particular knife. I do have an 806 in D2. It takes a wicked edge and holds it for quite a while. Takes a little work to sharpen it if you have a lot of material to remove but its an aggressive cutter. Benchmade makes a good blade with D2. It should be great in a little gents knife like that, oughta be a heck of a slicer.
The G10 on my 806 still has a little bit of a plastic feel but it holds up very well. Still looks like new, no scratches or anything and its easy to keep clean.
Benchmade makes quality knives, if you like the looks of the 856 you should go ahead and get it. Chances are you won't be dissapointed.


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Nov 10, 2003
I have been carrying a 856D2 as my EDC for the last 6 months.

It is light and slim and I like the way that it can just disappear into your pocket and not poke you if you do not use the clip.

Fit and finish is fine.

AG Russel's stated dimensions are about right.

Blade is as sturdy that you could reasonably expect for a knife this size.

I would recommend this knife highly, it is also great value for the money.