Benchmade 940

Nov 7, 2000
I'm thinking about getting one of these. Any opinions or experience with the Axis lock and opening system? Are there any real practical advantages to the combo edge vs the plain edge blade? If you had $100 to $150 to buy a folder, would you consider this one? If not which would you recommend? Thanks.
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I have a Benchmade 940 and it's a great knife. The Axis lock is among the best there are. The 940 is slim, light, beautiful, smooooth, & a lot of fun to play with and use. I prefer a plain edge to a combo edge, as will many others here, because there isn't enough serrated edge on a combo edge for it to be of much use. My girlfriend has a 940 as well and she loves it too. This is probably my favorite every day carry knife. You might also want to look at other offerings by Benchmade, Spyderco, Microtech, and REKAT. If you tell us what you mostly expect to use the knife for we can better tell you what knife would work. But the 940 is a great knife and you should be happy with it.

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If you're going to spend from a $100 to $150, might as well get a Microtech LCC. They can't stop talking about that knife here.

At first i was considering buying a BM940 but changed my mind when i saw the MT LCC.
But the cool, red, blue, is really testing my self-control ability.

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I have been carrying a 940 for over a week now and it is sorely testing my oft-stated preference for the Spyderco/Terzuola StarMate as my favorite folder. While they are of similar blade length, they are not really comparable, although I am considering doing a short comparison of the BM 940, the BM 720, and the StarMate in a soon to be posted post. The 940 is light, svelte, stylish, and very comfortable in the hand and the pocket. It cuts very well and it functions very smoothly. What more could you ask from a knife? And, yes, the axis lock is as secure as they say that it is. As others have suggested, get the plain edge unless you need the serrations for a specific purpose, then get a fully serrated blade. I wouldn't bother with a partially serrated blade as it hasn't sufficient serrations or sufficient plain blade to do either job properly.

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I have 2 940s' and I love them!! These knives are the perfect size for every day carry and use. The slim profile fits well in the pocket and is easy to deploy when needed.
The fact that this knife is totally ambitextrous was a big factor in choosing this knife. I am LHed and that was big plus!!! Besides that I can carry one in each pocket, helpful if you need a backup blade.

I keeping hearing alot of positive feedback on the MT LCC and I would get one....the only problem is that it is not LHer friendly. I spoke with a MC rep about this regarding the SOCOMs awile back and they have no plans as of yet to produce any LHed knives. MT will not be getting my hard earned cashed. BM will continue to be my knife of choice. All hail the Axis-Lock!!!

Both are nice knives. I would handle both to see what you like. That being said, I would greatly prefer the Microtech LCC. I currently own one and at one time owned a 940. My opinion is that the LCC is at least twice the knife of the 940 for the same price. Actually, you can probably get an LCC cheaper than the 940 depending on where you pruchase it.

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The 940 is extremely smooth! You'll like it. I was given one as a gift a while ago by Art Sigmon (thanks again). I'm making extremely good use of it. I normally alternate between my MT SOCOM and the 940 for daily carry.

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I looked up the MT LCC and it has a slightly larger blade and the scales are somewhat wider than the 940. The price is more expensive, $134.99 at Bayou LaFourche vs the $101.65 that Roger is now getting for the basic 940. Now, this is not a lot for some, but it is for me. I also do not see that the LCC is offered in any color other than basic black, rather like Henry Ford's Model T. I have to believe that offering the option of other colors is going to be the next step in marketing knives, as many people, myself included, are not tactical and are getting tired of the tactical look. The colors don't have to be way out, but I do like the green on my 940 (Sal, take notice!). Just don't make them camouflage, I'm not in the military, either, nor am I a wannabe! On the whole, I still prefer the more svelte appearance of the 940, its color, and its price. And I haven't even addressed the question of the lock. The MT has a linerlock. Now, I have nothing against them, in theory. Spyderco certainly has them done right! But the Axis Lock is so much better, it is the next generation in lock design, as is REKAT's Rolling Lock and, although I haven't seen one, Spyderco's new lock on the Gunting. Why pay more to get a lock that is not as good?

Note: I have not physically held and examined a MT LCC. My opinion may change when I have had a chance to do so, but I have to say that I fell in love with pictures of the various Spydies that I have bought online and with images of the BM 720 and 940 that I also bought online and I have loved all of them. I did not cotton to the BM 930 or which I ordered through the mail, it did not fit my arthritic hands. And certain Spydies have not worked out, but I had examined them physically before buying them and it was long-term experience that soured me.

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I have both an LCC and a BM 940, and I don't see where they are really comparable. The 940, to me, is a slim gentleman's knife that fits in well with a suit or slacks not unlike a Spyderco Viele, Centofante, or the larger William Henrys , especially the large Wharncliffe in their international series. The LCC, on the other hand, is a large tactical knife much like a SOCOM, Military, or AFCK. I could see someone wanting one or the other or wanting both, but they definitely are not interchangeable.
That was kaind of the impression that I had, looking at the pictures. The LCC did look more like a Military or a StarMate than a 940. How would it compare to the Boker Brend folder?

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Actually, Anthony, they are interchangeable, if you only own one of them!

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Go with the 940.You will not be disappointed.
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The BM940 is a nice knife and the Axis lock works very well. You should also look at the new Osbourne BM770.
I would definitely buy this knife. It has great fit and finish, the Axis lock is totally amazing and usefuf. It's also not really scary-looking and can be brought almost anywhere cause it fits the situation anytime, such as worn with a suit or simply daily carry. Another winner by Benchmade!