Benchmade 940

Sep 17, 1999
This is perhaps a bit premature because they may not have hit the streets yet but has anyone got an opinion of the new Benchmade 940? A very interesting blade style unlike what BM has produced so far. Just curious if anyone has any sort of inof on it. Thanks in advance.
I have a preproduction model. I really like the blade style. Thinner than the other axis lock models. Very elegant. It is considerably smaller than what I thought it would be though. I wish it were about the size of the 710.

Dennis Bible
I really like it, its refreshingly non-tactical. Could also be a dress knife too.

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I got one of the pre-productions as well, and I like it a lot. smaller than other BM axis locks. I have a 730 (BM/Elisihwitz) and these 2, 730 & 940 have the same blade length, but the 730 is wider and longer (both blade and handle) and the handle is a lot bigger (maybe it has to be seeing as how it's made from g10 and not aluminum) While I can take or leave the radical grinds. I do like the fact that the main cutting grind goes high up the blade this is the best blade I've gotten on a Benchmade. While the cutting edge grind was off, I'm not particularly worried as I will re-sharpen it soon enough. It's a lot of knife in a very compact package. A very good blade to handle ratio!

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