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Benchmade Advanced Folding Paring Knife

(I have some problems registering at the BM forum as the "at"-symbol on this lousy Italian keyboard doesn't work. So I put my opinion here instead.)

I would really appreciate something like this:

*Fully flat ground drop point, maximum 3.5" long and 1/8" thickness
(which by the way reminds me of one of the old BM Panthers.)

*Mono Lock

For me, this could be an interesting solution.
I like the BM Leopard Cub a lot, very useful and stylish. A similar blade with a monolock would be preferable as it would be easier to clean.
Too bad though it wouldn't be possible to have those cool looking round holes in the handle.


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James, I would rather go for the Spyderco Centofante which already fills that role admirably(or even the Calypso jr)
The Calypso Jr. is a dandy knife, but the blade is a tad too wide and the handle a tad too curved for my notion of an ideal folding paring knife.

Regarding the small Centofante: this is one I'm seriously looking at for the purpose in question (peeling fruit and opening packages).

I've peeled a lot of apples with the Calpyso Jr. BM. It works reasonably well, but not as well as a Leopard Cub for negotiating the curves of an apple. I don't have a Centofante, but I'm guessing it will outperform the Calpyso Jr. as a fruit peeler, due to the straighter handle.

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I too only go to the knife forum to check Chris Reeve and Microtech forums. Am not a member, but am all for a benchmade "pinnacle" with a wharncliff blade and also stainless steel screws because of acidity of orange juice. I'd buy one if possible. A Spyderco thumb hole would make it a pretty good knife. Then all I'd have to do if it where available in this model is replace the cheap plastic spacer.
A Wharncliff blade is very easy to sharpen as well as being usfull. I'll buy one.- Brian