Benchmade AFCK 800SBT

Aug 14, 1999
Well, I made a few extra bucks last week(not from selling knives, but playing piano for a wedding!) Anyway, decided I would treat myself to a new "carry" piece. Ok, I could heve slipped a DA Socom, a HaloIII, or maybe a Nemesis III in my pocket,but, I was only replacing the Spyderco Delica! So the AFCK won. How do you guys like this blade? So far, I love it, as I really prefer large blades. I carry a MA Socom as well in a horizontal sheath position. This AFCK has a great lock-up, very tight, and extremely sharp. Have carried it a week so far...also, I bought the left-hand version, I am still getting used to tip-down carry tho.
Would love to hear your thoughts.

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Mike Payne
Originally posted by mpayne:
MPayne: I have both the large and small AFCKs. I prefer the small version. I do agree
that the knife feels good in your hand. The 812 AFCK is my favorite Benchmade knife, but I wish it had the Axis lock. I like the BM 720 very much but the "handle" is larger than I like.

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The AFCK is my first quality piece. It's great, but don't put it in your backpocket, as it has this tendency to "warp" the handles a bit (dunno why) then you'll see the blade hitting the liners more often than not. But it can also be easily remedied (someone posted something about that) by twisting the handle the other way around. I guess the ti-liners are a bit on the soft part.

Being a southpaw, I carry a left-handed AFCK everywhere I go, clipped to my front pants pocket. I'm very fond of this knife... Too bad Benchmade has discontinued all its left-handed folders this year.


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Originally posted by Dannyc:
your problem of the liners bending also occured to me on my older benchmade model the 910sbt the cqc7 tanto point...could you tell me how to correct this problem...thanx
Great comments guys. I really debated over just getting the Spyderco Endura, but I'm glad I spent the extra bucks on the AFCK.

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Mike Payne
Have you handled the AFCK? I just did yesterday, and there is no way I can comfortably hold that knife. It just doesn't fit my hand. Not that I expect Benchmade to custom-design knives for my hands, but the two Nimravi and the 730 fit my hand like a glove, and every other knife I handled was within reasonable limits. Really strange, when you think that they all came from the same company.


I'm an AFCK fan. Both sizes are great depending on your needs, uses, and local laws.

Full-sized AFCK is my favorite everyday carry knife, very comfortable to handle and very fast to open.
Dannys, I carry mine in right back pocket of my pants every day during half year or more and nothing occurs. On the other hand - the handle might be a bit stiffer with steel liners.

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I have had my AFCK combo edge for over a year now. I love the way it fits in my hands. It feels like an extension of my hand, and not like I'm "holding" anything really. i wish I had a plain edge, as I have come to like those better. Not to worry though, as my tax return is going to pay for a new Benchmade! My AFCK has cut anything that was put infront of it. I did thin out the edge quite a bit, and this has improved cutting performance a lot. I steel the edge almost daily, which has saved me having to sharpen it a lot as well. The only problem I had with it was with the clip. The screws kept backing out, and this was really disappointing me! I e-mailed Benchmade and they told me to get some lock-tight (it may be spelled differently!) and the clip has stayed put for a year now!

Good choice with the AFCK.

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Yep, I really like the way that blade feels in the hand. Very nice grip especially with the finger groove.

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Mike Payne
I love this knife also, but I think the mini fits a bit better. I also think the 800 is also a tad too large to carry around.
I just bought a used large AFCK in great shape for a song - gotta love these forums! - and I think the handle is a little long and not exactly right for my hand, so I'm going to re-profile the liners & buy some Ivory paper micarta scales, a bit thicker than the G-10 on there now, and see what that can do. See, with a used knife at less than half retail, I can justify taking these educational risks . . . if it works out well I'll post pics . . . if not, I'll just pretend it never happened . . .

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I love gets more use than any others I own.......and it keeps cutting.......I've never had a prob with the liners either


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I have the small version of the AFCK and it is a great little knife. It is a very comfortable knife to handle and use.

I, too, love my AFCK. Two minor peeves:

1. Someone needs to tell the lads at benchmade that their proprietary black coating comes off the blades too easily.

2. They should make it in an Axis lock.

Heck, BM really ought to produce all of their designs in the Axis lock.


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I think you are going to be very happy with your AFCK. I am also left handed, and carried an early production 800 S Right Hand model in my left hip pocket for about 4 years. I never had any problem sitting on it. The blade is still dead center.

The knife was pulled out of my pocket by my climbing harness while I was working on a roof and landed on a stone patio. I lost about 1/16" off the tip. I re-profiled the tip and it looks fine, but it is no longer the only knife I carry. Wegner, 710, Endura, and 730 are all in the rotation now.

This knife is a real classic. I'm sure you will be well pleased.

The AFCK is a great knife. The large AFCK combo edge was my favorite carrier for years since it was first introduced. It sits low in the pocket and the tip down carry I actually liked. I became quite proficient at drawing the knife from the pocket by placing my index finger and thumb in the Spydie hole and snapping the knife down while pulling it out. A very fast opener. I also like the large over the small in that you can use the end of the handle on the large, while still maintaining a good grip, for striking various parts of the body in defensive situations. I may have to bring it out of retirement. Great choice though.
I've carried mine for the past year, and I think it's the best folder I've ever used.
My 812 LH model was my favorite using knife up until I recently lost it. Have held off getting another because I heard a rumor BM may be producing this w/Axis lock. Anyone know anything about this?