benchmade afck or edi genisis?

hi. i just read the review in the review pages, but am still undexided. does anyon here mind lending thier opinion/

wil gives creat custoer servic efrom what ive seen but im not sure i want to pay 40 dollars moer.



I'd spend the $40.

Benchmade has had a rash of serious quality control problems. I've seen my Sensei's BM strip it's clip screws, Benchmade threw Walter Welch out of their forum for complaining about frequent glitches, ETC. It's getting real serious. Sensei's now got an EDI and loves it, I've handled both that and a large Sebenza and even if they cost the same I'd rather own the EDI.

Best 4" tactical folder I've handled. If I was stuck with a 4" legal limit I'd own one, as is my hand-modified CS Vaquero Grande remains my top folder.

Jim March
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! I bought an EDI Genesis I and a BM M2 AFCK at the same time. Bottom line is that after 30 days of living with both I sold my AFCK and I've never regretted that decision.


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I can't comment on the AFCK since I live on an island and can't find one to hold. I can comment on the EDI, though since it's lying in front of me as I type this.

What impresses me most about the Genesis is it's simple but elegant design. I own the plain edge, titanium coated blade. I feel it's a striking knife. The action is silky smooth and the thumb studs are not uncomfortable as I have deployed the blade about a thousand times. I haven't even had to oil it since the bronze washers make the operation really smooth. I also like the G-10 scales. Maybe it's just me, but the knife feels really comfortable in my hand.

Another point is the deep pocket clip. I can carry this knife at work and no one can really tell what it is. This is an important feature for me.

If you do pick Genesis I don't think you will regret it.

Good Luck!

Greg Mete
Kodiak Alaska
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hello - i wouldn't get either of them, mainly because they are liner locks. wait for an axis lock 710 from benchmade or a pinnacle 750 from benchmade. these are higher quality IMO than either the AFCK or Genesis. the locks are also much stronger and i think that the knives will last much longer as well.
if you must choose between the EDI and the AFCK, i would go with the AFCK. i have not seen any quality control problems with these, although i have heard of some. it just feels much better in my hand than my EDI. you can choose between comboedge, plainedge and fully serrated. benchmade's customer service is excellent as well.
i would be cautious in buying any liner lock, especially when there are much better locks out there now.
doesn't EDI have a new lock coming out also? i'm not sure if i heard that or not.

I have a regular AFCK, and a M2 on order.

I have played with the EDI Genesis extensively, and aside from the structure created by the indent for the thumb stud it is a very nice knife, very smooth and very well constructed.

I will probably own one in the not too distant future...

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My vote would go for the AFCK, especially the M2 versions.

I have nothing but respect for Will Fennell and EDI, but IMHO, the fit and finish on my AFCK's (mini and full size) was superior, and the feel in my hand more ergonomic.

After handling a Genesis at a knife/gun show, I ordered my second AFCK.

Get the M2 version if you can.

(BTW, the Axis is an awesome knife, as expressed above. I own one of the preproduction models. But I still wouldn't want to lose my AFCK's.)

Just one man's opinion.


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I own both of these fine knives and am very pleased with them but to go off subject slightly I have just received last week the knife that is likley to semi-retire both of them.

I just took delivery of the fully serated Spyderco Military in CPM 440V and IMHO it is one of the finest floders I have ever handled.

It has a completely rock solid lock up with no blade play whatsoever.

Whatever you go for I dont think you will be disapointed with any of these knives.