Benchmade AFCK plastic spacer problems

Oct 6, 1998
Hi, I just noticed that my 13.5 month old plain satin finished Benchmade AFCK develloped fractures in the black plastic spaces thats inserted between the two TiN liners of my AFCK. one is 1/2" from the extreme end and it's cracked completely through the other crack is inside the grip exactly where the lanyard hole is.
I'm just wondering if I'm just unlucky or if this is a normal thing to happen after just 1+ year.
I want to send the knife in for warrenty repairs but in order for me to include a $5 bill for postage I have a minimum exchange fee that I would have to pay. This would mean I would have to spend about $15-$20 to get myself the $5 bill (this included of course). I'm wondering if they accept a credit card, does anybody know this?
Cheers, Bagheera

Im not to sure about your question on warranty charges. But I was interested to note that you too have had problems w/ the plastic Benchmade spacers. I was sharpening and cleaning my Good friends CQC-7(BENCHMADE)which was only about a year old....and noticed that the Plastic Spacer was riddled w/ stress cracks. I reached in with a dental pick and gently prodded the spacer and literrally began to crumble. I personally own a Benchmade 910 and 975 and have never had this problem w/ either, and I've used both very extensively. Any clue what cause's this?
If you're feeling mechanically inclined, Benchmade spacers are fairly easy to replace with more durable materials. It will involve taking apart the knife, which voids the warranty... but it's fun

You need a piece of 3/16" material of your choice - aluminum, stainless steel, micarta, etc. Sand this down from its nominal thickness of 0.187" to 0.175" (this is for full-sized models with 1/8" stock blades - minis are smaller) You can use the original spacer as a guide for thickness if you don't have measurement devices. Then, lay the left liner (the one without the lock) on the material and use it as a guide to drill the holes (0.089" - 3/32" will do) Trace the spacer and cut oversize. Finish the inside portion with a belt or drum sander. Assemble the knife and sand the excess outer material flush. Hand sand, buff, or finish as desired. Filework can liven things up.

While you're at it, you can make the spacer longer (so the knife is not open-backed) and even add extra screws to support it if you have the proper hardware. You can email me for details. Here is the spine of my AFCK, one of the first pieces I did (so don't make fun of the filework


Good luck!

That's nice looking work Corduroy! I've bitched up and down about the Delrin (plastic) spacers that BM uses for years. It's an inferior material that just shouldn't be there. I love the pre-production and first production models because often they have G10 spacers. Another alternative to what Drew did that I do a lot is to space it "Rekat style," with stainless posts that fit 2-56 screws (which I believe are BM standard frame screw size). There are several sources for these, including (if they still have them) and R.B. Johnson at P.O. Box 11; Clearwater, MN 55320. Halpertitatium's also got the spacer material you'd need (G10 or Aluminum) if you want to go solid with it.


Ever notice no other candy tastes quite like Pez? Oh yeah, the BM Mini-Axis and the Rekat Carnivour are the best production folders yet (IMHO, of course)!!


About two years ago, when I first started collecting knifes, I purchased a Benchmade mini-AFCK. The instructions recommended a cleaning product called Gun Scrubber. Since I'm like Mikey and I'll try anything, I went out to a local gun store and purchased it. I sprayed it on the knife and guess what happened? It partially melted the backspacer!

I remember someone on rec.knives once posting that Loctite fumes will destroy AFCK spacers........dunno, really

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Thanks Corduroy and Professor for the advise,
I really like the filework
you could send me anytime such a spacer. But I really like the Idea of just having posts "a la Chris Reeve" or Rekat instead of the plastic spacer. I'm just wondering about stability is it still enough with only two stainless .175" high posts ?.
If somebody has 2 of such posts lying around let me know becuase I couldn't find them at Halpertitanium, although I emailed Halper.
Cheers, Bagheera (Holland)

Definitely try RB Johnson as well. I think that's where I got the stainless posts, though originally they were 1/8" and 3/16" pivot pins that I cut with a dremel to size. Ideally the treads will be 2-56, though even an unthreaded post with a tight tolerance will do since BM puts those sweet little inserts in the backside of the handle. I knew I liked that company for a reason; they provide one with the ultimate starting point for a great customized production knife. I'm sure Corduroy would agree


Ever notice no other candy tastes quite like Pez? Oh yeah, the BM Mini-Axis and the Rekat Carnivour are the best production folders yet (IMHO, of course)!!

Indeed, a fine starting point. Sometimes they're even nice from the factory, though that seems to be a matter of luck
I have a few mods pictured on my photopoint album, here:

I have some knurled brass posts that will serve OK if you'd like them. I'll try to drop you an email, too. I'm not an open-back fan myself, but variety is the spice of knife.