Benchmade and ATS-34

Feb 22, 1999
I have read a lot of posts on the matter, here is my recent findings:

I have a Mini-AFCK and a Mini-Stryker, both in ATS-34.
The AFCK is much easier to sharpen and it really takes a sharper edge than the Stryker. This has nothing to do with technique (I sharpen both with the Sharpmaker), nor with edge geometry - I have thinned the Stryker edge a bit, it is better than before, but this is not the cause of the difference. The steel "feels" different and sounds different when you sharpen it.

Is there something different in the manufacturing process or is it just a matter of "luck" (a blade from the "center of the oven" etc)???
I've had this same expieriece w/ two full size Strykers. The steel felt and performed differently and the fit and finish of one of the knives was far superior to the other. Have no idea as to why...