Benchmade and Emerson QC

Oct 5, 1998
I have heard so much lately about bad QC with Emerson and Benchmade both...

But when I have actually handled any of the new products from either company I have not been really disapointed. I just purchased a BM 940, you can read my review in the review forum...I am in fact very happy with the knife. The lockup is good, the blade isnt perfectly centered, the anodization isnt even all the way up the spine, the pivot pin isnt centered in the hole that is milled for it, but then its not a hand made knife. Its a production knife. I feel the same about Emerson knives. Even with QC at its highest, its still a production knife. Even if assembled by hand, I can't expect the quality that a custom maker puts into a knife out of a production knife. I think sometimes we get our expectations up to high about the knives we carry.

Most company's will have you send a knife to them with problems and they will fix it, all the problems I've had with the knives I've bought have been taken care of with little trouble.

However if I made knives and someone ran up to me and told me how bad I was at it, and what I should do to fix the problems I'd have to say it would irritate me. Especialy in Mr. Emerson's case. I can't even imagine some of the places where he has been...and its those experiences that have dictated the designs of his knives. If Mr. Emerson things that thinner liners are still strong enough, I think they probly are. If I really wondered about it, I'd e-mail him personaly and ask why he decided to go with thinner liners. One of the best things to do when buying a custom knife is get to know the maker. Why wouldnt that apply here, if our extremely high standards do?
By extremely high standards I mean that most of us carry knives daily that cost over $100. Most people in the world wouldn't pay $100 for a knife, and they think we are wierd because we do. We carry those knives because of the standards we have, and the fact that those knives meet those standards.

I knew the owner of Fish Skateboards, he had a great product, very tough skateboard deck, but then the company he bought the wood for the decks from changed the glue that they were using. The glue has become unavailible, so they switched, and the glue they went to was not as good, so the skateboards quality went down. No one knew until a bunch came back broken. Was it the company's fault for bad QC?
Running any company is a hard thing, there are many factors that go into the production that we as people never think about. Like availibility of materials, market cost, overhead.
But at least they are out there trying to make the best product they can, and I personaly have nothing against them making money while doing it. They have bills, and familys just like I do.

Sorry to be long winded, flame me if you want to.
But I'm glad there are company's like Benchmade and Emerson knives out there making knives that I can carry, while it is still legal to do so.

The Infamous ShadedDude
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My Benchmade 720SBT was perfect out of the box. I don't have an Emerson yet. If the knife has problems, it's not the end of the world, it can be sent back and fixed at the factory. It's worth it to get a perfect version of the knives these companies are making. You shouldn't turn away from the opportunity to have a waved knife, or an axis lock at a more affordable price. The worst that can happen is you send it back and get a knife you're really pleased with a week or so later than you wanted. That said, it seems sad to waste time/postage if knives could be more thoughly inspected at the factory. Guess I just contradicted myself. Oh well I'm conflicted. Long live factory knives!

Hey Shadedude,
I think your post was good,I own no less than 15 assorted Emerson production pieces and have had no problems except the finish coming off the screws, but hey I carry them and drop them and other untold things,finish on screws? That isn't high on my QC list.
Just my own .02