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Benchmade and the Internet: questions

Oct 12, 1998
Fellow Knifenuts,
It´s has been about a year ago that BM introduced it`s new dealership policy much to the dismay of Mike Turber(and probably others) who warned us most vocally of a new era coming, culminating in the resignation of Mark Mc Willis from BM. I was wondering how others who buy their knives thru the internet of sell there feel about this. The reason I ask is that I am damn dissatisfyed, that I don´t see their knives anywhere on my favourite internet vendors.
What´s your take on this?
Matt from Munich
Hmmmmm. I bought two 710 Axis lock folders at retail stores recently. I had to pay full retail, about $30-$40 each over what they probably would cost from an Internet dealer. I am not too chapped about that. I got to inspect them before buying, and maybe keeping the knife dollars close to home will motivate those dealers to stock some cooler stuff.

i don't really mind paying close to full retail for most knives. like mr. harvey said, you get to handle each knife before buying. in some cases, a good relationship can be formed with the dealer. this may let you get new models before they are offered to the general knife-buying public, and has even earned me a permanent discount on all models. the owner of my local knife store and i have become good friends, so i think that retail is the way to go in most cases.

Some of us that don't have access to a local dealer, like myself, rely on the internet. Although reading these forums, a good number of you are fortunate enough to have shops close by. I think it's great to support the local guys, but for me personally- $30-$40 over net prices just doesn't make much sense economically. If I'm going to spend my hard earned peanuts on that knife I "have to have", you'd better believe I'm going to try and get the best price around.

I agree that getting to handle them before the purchase is a nice benefit. In my case, I rely almost entirely on the opinions and impressions taken from this forum. And you know what? I haven't been disappointed yet. Plus, it's pretty fun and convenient for me shopping around on the net searching for the best price.

Matt, my question to you would be where are you looking? I can think of a bunch of net shops that carry the complete line of Benchmade. Maybe I just misunderstood you. If you want to e-mail me, I'd be happy to send you some links.

Hey Harv, if you're looking to unload one of those 710s, let me know....

I think before too long many concessions will need to be made for internet dealers. One will happen next month and will invlove Microtech dealers.

I am sure Benchmade will look at the new program to see if it has merit for their plans spearheaded by Greg Mooney. It will involve athorized distributors and dealers working together. Hummm I wonder where this idea came from........ Is someone actually reading my posts out there. Either way it is good for the internet dealer and the knife industry as a hole. I hope Benchmade looks into it. Any maker can call me for details as it would bore the living daylights out of most members.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

O.K., I admit it. A lot of the time I'm borderline broke, and when I'm not broke,I'm frugal, and when I'm not frugal, I'm cheap!
On top of that, I live 200 miles from the nearest halfway decent knife dealership.
If it wasn't for internet dealers, or other knife knuts I've met on the net, I probably wouldn't have bought any folders over the last three years. I don't mind paying a little more for being able to pick over a decent selection, but when the halfway reasonable shop is always out of the plain edge versions of anything I might like, and the other one is selling at over MSRP, theyr'e not likely to get much of my business. Add to that clerks at the second place that have no idea what they are selling, and I wouldn't be too concerned if it closed its doors.
Problem is, I've been back time and time again to the same dealers, and they still have the same overpriced or dated stock...."Axis....what's an Axis...."

Hopefully benchmade and some of the other manufacturers are reading and listening to the news reports on how the internet marketplace is starting to boom? You might think they would want to get on the bandwagon before they get left behind stocking stores that nobody wants to shop at.

As a college student completely supporting my own education, I can make a doller stretch a loooong way. Every penny counts. I not only won'y pay full retail, I just can't. If I have to pay full retail for most production pieces, I will save another month or so and buy a custom.
Some college kids living on their parents support are known to have a lot of free time and spend their money recklessly. I do not have wealthy parents, I am completely on my own, and a $10-$20 difference in price is enormous to me.

My only practical choice for a local knife shop is a large chain. Sure I can handle the knives, and they are not trying to rape me on price. But their fortunes will vary only slightly based on my purchase. The clerks (that is all they are- clerks who usually know where to find the key to the knife case) understand this. I have almost no qualms about going there to handle the knives, than going home to surf out the best price. The store price is usually 5-10 percent higher than Am. Best Cut., or Discount knives. Sales tax about balances out shipping charges. So why should I buy from the local oversized sporting goods store, whose specialty is selling patagonia parkas to yuppies driving SUV's?

In a closely related field, I DO buy most of my bike parts from the locals shops. They are locally owned. I often get invaluable repair advice from professionals just for the asking. I do this in spite of the many good deals to be had on-line.

Always been a lurker, until today. Hope I didn't just get too long winded for a first timer!


The new policy will blow up in their face. Refus to pay pay full retail and they'll come to their senses even quicker. Do you know how little it costs the company to make each knife compared to the sales price - especially when you let quality slip???
OK Guys, people (vendors) should learn from others mistakes. Didn't Syderco try this awful tactic some years ago, and then abandon it? Benchmade kind of flooded the market (the entire market--not just retail) in order to get their knives into as many hands as possible. Then, when everyone has to own a BM knife, they changed their game plan so they can keep prices from bottoming out. Sure you can find the older model BMs on the Net, but who's got the Axis Lock or Pinnacle today? Do what I do, go to the retail store to touch and feel (maybe give 'em some business to keep them in good graces), but buy on the Net and SAVE $$!


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One of the reasons for BM's policy change was to get the end price higher. This has not happened except for limited production run like the M2 knives. I predicted this last Decemeber in my long winded posts on their forum. BTW they have a price increase of 2% hitting dealers and distributors soon. Most dealers will absorb it for now.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!