Benchmade ARES

Does anyone have any info about a production run of Allen Elishewitz ARES by Benchmade. I thought I heard something about it, but I am not sure.


I heard they were supposed to debut it at this year's Blade Show, but I guess progress on it was running behind. Heard they are going to shoot for a SHOT show Y2K intro. I think it may have the Axis Lock too.

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The new Benchmade/Elishewitz Axis Lock will be debued at the Shot Show 2000. The knife is based of my Ares model but does not lokk exactly the same. We are using a new concept with this knife that has never been seen on any Benchmade knife. I am not going to tell you what it is, you will have to wait! There should be around a 1,000 of pre-production knives floating around at the end of the year.
Allen Elishewitz
I'll definitely be looking forward to it. Nice to see another new lock coming around.

Allen: whatever you do, don't let Benchmade put their standard thick sabre grind on that knife! Make sure they thin that edge up, or put on a hollow grind.

Shot Show, oh no this is terrible.....I can't wait until then
Pre Prod.'s here I come...

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