Benchmade Ascent Clip Point ...WOW !

Just bought a new Ascent BM Clip point plain blade (this is the one with opening studs on the blade)

I bought the 3.9" unit and a 2.9" one for my girlfriend. What a great knife!, it has a ATS 34 Blade , a lockback that is very strong, and a handle that is great for a backhand fighting grip...your not going to slip out of this baby.

The other 3.9" Ascent with the opening blade hole was failing in some of the Bladeforums lock test but this 3.9" is tough, it might even be tougher than a CS voyager !

Anyone looking for a resonabley priced very good knife must go to your local knife shop and pick this knife up ... I think Benchmade have a real winner here.


Sounds very nice. I'm just curious - aren't these knives drop-points, with blades like the Leopard series? Or do they have a clip-point without "the hole" now?


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
May 13, 1999
Corduroy - I think you're right. As I remember it, the clip points have the Spydie hole, and the drop points have the thumb stud.

JP Bullivant
OOPS ...

These are drop points, I've been using this knive for a few days now from opening boxes to cutting up food, still sharp as hell.