Benchmade Axis Lock 710 or 720?

Jun 15, 1999
Ok, whose had a good amount of experience with these 2 knives? Anyone find one more useful than the other? I'd like to pick one up, but still debating on which, so help me out here guys....
Tuff, you need to go and handle the knives. Both are excellent, both have the axis lock. You need to see which handle/blade style work best for you.

A major consideration also is long-term aesthetics. The aluminum handle of the 720 will scratch and ding; as will the G10 of the 710 (dings anyway), but I've personally found G10 to be a much more durable material. If you're into novice knifemaking like me, if worse came to worse you could probably easily recut and re-fit some G10 scales for your 710; the trick would be the cutouts for the locking mech and springs. Consider also the size difference, but like was said upstairs, you really have to handle them to make the decision.


Ever notice no other candy tastes quite like Pez? Oh yeah, the BM Mini-Axis and the Rekat Carnivour are the best production folders yet (IMHO, of course)!!

You guys are right, I should handle them. Finding them is the hard part, so I was looking for some feedback on those who have done it, hoping other people could be my "eyes" and point things out such as the handles, like the professor did. Just looking to see if anyone finds one knife better than the other, by how much, and their thoughts really...
The blade looks to be a big difference as well. I know that the re-curve on the 710 Axis has many proponents, and I am pleasantly surprised by my re-curved Apogee blade every time that I use it. But I have to admit that I prefer a good belly on my blade, and the 720 has the look of a much more traditional drop point. But it really does seem to drop! I haven’t handled one, but it looks like the top half of the blade is missing.

Let us know what you think after you handle one.

Just got my first Axis, a 705 in satin finish. First off, I haven't been able to figure out which is more fun, opening it or closing it. When you grab the 705 locking pin with the thumb and index finger, the base of the knife nests comfortably in the palm of your hand. When you tilt the knife just a bit and pull the pin back the knife blade falls quietly into the closed position. It's the most fun you can have with your clothes on! Also nice is that if you close the knife slowly against the lock, there is a decisive click on closing. Solid stuff!

Opening the knife is fun too. Didn't think I'd ever own a knife with a thumb stud that opened nearly as easily as my Spydie Wenger but the Axis comes pretty close. Very smooth and effortless on opening. The thumbstud is smooth and not knurled like some that catch your fingernail. The shape of the handle gives you good mechanical advantage for sweeping the blade open with a flick. In contrast, my CRKT Mirage (the small one) seems to want to fly out of my hand when I try to flick the blade open and after awhile, the thumb gets sore due to the rough thumbstud and poor purchase of the thumb on the stud. Comparing the two kives is like comparing a Ferrari to a Yugo but then you get what you pay for so I'm not trying to knock the Mirage.

Not much of a recurve in the blade which is fine with me. One problem with the blade which I've seen others mention is that there is some side-to-side play after lock up. Annoying but I think I can live with it. I wonder if Benchmade can fix this if I send it back to them?

Anyway, I'm still grinnin'. This knife is a kick in the pants.

Basically, I think if you like the AFCK, you would like the 710 over the 720.
Adding the Spydie lock and eliminating the recurve would make the 710 (almost) an axis lock AFCK