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Benchmade Axis Lock

Sep 17, 1999
I am curious if anyone out there has bought or knows anything about the axis lock on the benchmade knives. I am giving serious thought to buying one and need some input as to whether or not it's a good idea. The main reason I ask is in regards to the strength of the lock. I have to admit the owner of cold steel has me a bit spooked after reading all those things he says about the quality of the lock on your knife. He may be full of it but I am still wondering since he is quite a bit more knowledgeable than I.

Thanks very much for your help
Justin, I own a 710 Axis and I've got a 720 in the mail. I have liner locks, lock-backs, and mono-locks and only the mono lock is stronger (IMO). The axis lock is a brilliant design and incredibly stong. Basically it puts a 1/8" bar of steel at the back of the tang. The only way for the lock to fail is if the bar shears. Spine whack and white knuckle test have no effect on the lock. It's a great knife and a great lock, I'm sure others will confirm my opinion. As for your CS friend, don't believe half of it. CS makes some great knives and wonderful fixed blades (always razor sharp) but the company tends to have an excess of attitude. My advice, listen to what other members have to say, handle one if you can, and do what you think is best for you. Hope this helps.

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Just got a Benchmade 720. Seems really solid and a great feel to the knife. You might run a search on "axis" over the various forums. I did and the insights and feedback convinced me that the axis was a solid lock.

Thanks Johan,
I have handled the larger of the two folders plain edge with a black finish.( My kingdom for Bead blasted) I like it so far bu I am worried the same thing will happen as with my Emerson Commando. It has a clip on the opposite side from the lock and so it comes open in my pocket and I have cut myself badly for the third damn time last week. I give up I pay close to 200 dollars for a top of the ine knife and I don't even carry the bloody thing.(no pun intended) Does the axis do the same? Thanks very much for your help.
The axis is a solid design, virtually impossible to unintentionally fail. If you will do a search here in the review section, you will find ALOT of info about this knife. At one time this was Joe Talmadge's favorite 4 inch folder, maybe it still is. Mr. Talmadge is very knowledgable and his endorsement means alot, to me anyway. Benchmade is going to release an axis based on the Elishewitz Ares folder after the SHOT show. I am looking forward to it.

Dennis Bible
I like my BM Axis, but I don't love it. The Axis lock is stronger than others, but I favor the liner-lock. Also, and maybe this is just me, but my BM Axis wasn't as sharp as I would have liked it right out of the box. If it was sharper it would have saved me the trouble of sharpening myself.

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I really like my 720bt. It is my primary manual folder. I have not "tested" the lock by banging it against anything. In my opinion I like it better than a liner lock. I have this habit of cycling my knifes while: driving down the road, watching t.v. and practicing with my offhand. I would like to believe I am practicing "muscle memory" while I am just handling and quietly admiring my knifes. I have been "bitten" several times doing this unconscious play with my liner locks, being that my thumb comes into the path of the blade as my index finger snaps the blade shut. While this is no reason to change lock styles on a knife, the axis lock conforms to my needs.
The integral lock I prefer over the liner lock although I have not owned one.
Justin, I'm not a fan of tip-up knives butI've never had a problem (knock on wood) with either my Commander or 710 or any of my other tip-ups for that matter. One thing that will make a difference is how tight you have the pivot pin adjusted. The tighter is it the less likely to open inyour pocket. Hope this helps.

"Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heav'n"
John Milton
There are only two types of people; those who understand this, and those who think they do.
I have a 705 that is my regular carry. I think the Axis lock is an important step in the evolution of the locking folder. It is smooth and solid, and though I still use liner locks and lockbacks, the Axis lock gives "peace of mind". I also like the ambidextrous (sp?) nature of it even though I'm right handed.

I'll probably get the larger 710 sometime and use it on occasion as a field knife in the place of a light duty fixed blade.

Just my opinion.
I just got a 710 for christmas so I haven't really did much but play with it yet but I like it alot. The lock is very interesting and solid. I think this is going to be my new carry knife and I'll use my satin Stryker and/or Endura for cutting chores. I usually keep one knife I carry razor sharp and unused.
Well I picked up the larger axis lock blade(710?) So far so very good. I like the blade it's razor, shaving sharp out of the box and the lock is perfect as I too have cut myself fiddling with my liner lock knive and have on occasion fold lock backs to be a bit awkward to close with one hand with first flipping it over.(no matter since I don't own any anymore gave my cold steel voyager to a friend for christmas) I don't think I will have a problem with it opening with a point up carry since it has a bit of resistance just coming out of the handle I guess this is created by the lock's spring. I also like the smooth profile a lot because it makes for a very smooth draw unlike my Emerson Commander and the BM Sentinal which both have a lot of things with seem to snag on my jeans pocket on the way out and make for an awkward draw. All in all for $120 I have myself an everyday carry knife. Thanks everyone for all your help with my questions.

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I have a 720 Pardue and a 705 McH+W Axis.

Both are incredibly strong, and once you feel the lock-up for yourself, I'm sure you'd be happy with it. You don't have to have a degree in engineering to see there's no way that pin is going to shear in two places. If for some reason it does, well your hand is probably done, too.

As far as carrying in pocket, the clip can be reversed for tip up or down carry on the Pardue 720. On the smaller 705, the clip can only be switched to the other side for lefty carry, I guess. Another nice bonus is that because the springs for the lock are relatively strong, if the blade gets nudged open a bit, the action of the Axis lock will pull it back in.

Both versions of the Axis I really like, and I'm not a Benchmade fanatic, but these are incredibly smooth and solid knives. Go for it, you won't be disappointed.

I have much trust in my 710/705 combo. The 710 gets switched occasionally for my Rekat Carnivore (another tank of a folder), but besides being one of my most trusted knives, my 710 is also one of the fastest drawing that I own.

The structural integrity (of mine anyway) is impeccable, and strength is not as big an issue with me as its resistance to long-term wear. That's where it's got liner locks beat IMO. Some might say that resistance to wear = reliability in that the lock "wears in and not out;" I say whatever, but it takes daily lickings from me like a champ and continues to tick like the 4cl engine in my VW. Other than infrequent quality control issues, you really can't go wrong with this knife. QC isn't really that big an issue to me since I'd just send it back if it didn't meet my expectations, etc. Professor.
I've had some disappointments with Benchmade in the past but the 720 Pardue is making up for them. Nice knife, well made, locks up very solidly. It's currently my favorite mid-sized folder,