benchmade axis which one??


May 25, 2000
I am trying to decide on which axis lock knife to get, I am kind of leaning towards the ares model whatcha think??
Hold out and get the 940 Osborne, nice looking knife! I have the 720 and it's sweet opening but the 940 has the look.

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G2 LeatherWorks
I have the original 710 McHenry & Williams, the 705 McH & W, and the 730 Ares.

I like them all, but I think the 730 is a little ahead of the others.

Well, I bought the Ares (730) and 705. The Ares is my favorite; the contoured scales make it extra-nice to hold. I have the 705 'cause I needed a smaller folder, and I chose that one. Of all the small (production) knives I've seen, that seemed to be the nicest.

So, my recommendation is that if you want >3", go with the Ares, if you want <3", go with the 705.


Originally posted by Gary W. Graley:
Hold out and get the 940 Osborne, nice looking knife.

Oh, yeah, what G2 said

James Segura
San Francisco, CA
If your looking toward a heavy duty more defense type knife go with the 730 Ares. If you want a cutting chores type of knife go with the 940 osbourne!

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The 730 is a great knife but i don't think that it is nearly as good as the 720.