Benchmade BM 42

Jun 17, 2001
I was curious if the Benchmande BM 42 Balisong is legal in california? I am assuming no because most of the really cool knives arent. Anyways, thanks for the info in advance.

California is one of the few states that I refuse to even look for work in just because I couldn't live without my Ami. But then again there are very few states where balisongs are totally legal.
I thought that was the law, but I just wanted to be sure. One quick question, what are the knife laws like in Texas? Thanks in advance for the info.

Hi Michael, there's nothing specific in the Texas Penal Code about Balisongs. However, gravity knives are listed as being illegal to carry & from what I understand, the powers that be consider a balisong to be one. It's STUPID, but that's the way it is here in the Lone Star State . :mad: