Benchmade BT2 coating

May 25, 1999
How does the BT2 coating on the Elishewitz Stryker hold up under normal use? Does it scratch easily?
I have found that the coating scratches very easily. If you don't like the look of a scratched up black blade and you plan to use the knife at all, don't get the black coating. Personally, I don't see why one wouldn't get it. I kinda like the "scuffed" up look. And even though the BT2 comes off, the rust protection continues...
I got my AFCK's blade replaced with a black one after I broke the original silver. After less than a month of use the tip is silver, all of the lines are silver, and a good part of the blade is silver. I was underwelmed.
Benchmades BT2 is the worst black coating on the market. Look at it wrong, and it comes off. I don't care if "the corrosion protection continues" it looks terrible when its scratched up.