Benchmade Discontinuations

Oct 7, 1998
I don't know if this has been fully covered yet, but I just got a letter from Benchmade today telling of the models they will be discontinuing in 1999.

The full size Leopards
Mini Spikes, Spikes and Auto Spikes
Mini Reflex (w/o safety lock)
Mel Pardue 3000
Auto Tanto

On another note, price increases coming in January. Most are quite small; some are up to $20 MSRP. Shouldn't have too much of an impact on the consumer fortunately.

Just thought I'd pass on the info.


Northwest Cutlery

Hey Leslie,

Ya I covered that on the BM forum a while back but not in here yet so thanks for the update.

Also the Panther series will be discontinued sometime next year or updated. They have yet to make u there mind on that one.

Good news is there will be at least one possibly 2 new fixed blades at the Shot Show. 2 new folders and a new auto is in the works but might not make 'til the Blade Show. Also a Benchmade sword. Just kidding.... Or am I?

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Mike, that's not fair dude ! Now we're all gonna be lusting and wondering for too damn long ! As though we needed another reason to drool, lust and covet. Sigh; no, I meant,HEAVY SIGH...

PS. man, they keep phasing out models before I geta chance to own them; I still wanna get a Reflex before they go away.

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