Benchmade Emerson Series

Mar 20, 1999
First off, I know some of you are going to think I am crazy and wasting my money on these knives
, but for some reason they are still my favorite Tactical Knife Series.

I am collecting the entire Benchmade Emerson Series (970's & 975's). Wanted to ask if anyone could check my list below to make sure I am aware of all the different models that were available. The way it looks I am only going to be able to buy one or two a month, but this is something I really want to spend the time and money on to own.

After I have them all, the plan is to have a custom display box made for them.

Did they serialize any of these, have not had any luck locating them is so, in light of that I have went on buying non numbered ones.

Anyone else collect this series or other benchmade knives ?

970 Mirror Polished Blades : God help me on finding and affording those

* From what I have been told there was not a 975ST ?


Left Handed Models
Dont know which were made.

All of God's Critters may have knives, but most of them are stamped with the name BENCHMADE

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Benchmade did a 970 specially maked for H&K promoting the USP. H&K was marketing a nice boxed set. I guess this is for people who are tried of the usual Hickory Farms Holiday Gift Boxes.

Anyway, you'd certainly want one of those in your collection too.

There are also a very small number of 970's out there with miror polished blades. You'd want one of those too.

Benchmade typically specially marks the first hundered or so pieces. You'd want to round up one of each of those too.

I'm sure I'm missing a few esoteric ones too.

I just saw one of the H&K emersons over on Bladeaction, just in case you were interested in buying one.

There are left-handed models floating around out there, but I am unsure of exactly which Emersons came out in the L designation.

Cool. I am going to update the list at the top as new models are mentioned. I had no idea there were so many variations, it may take me a while but I am going to get them all

Gollnick & RJ, Thanks for the model info and link, I am definately goign to bid on that one closer to the auction end

Protein, I thought there were left handed models available to at one point, hopefully somebody will post them later.

All of God's Critters may have knives, but most of them are stamped with the name BENCHMADE
Oh, and don't forget the 9700, the automatic version. It's not an especially fast auto, but it's gentler than most. This is especially good since the Emerson Tanto is a very chunk heavy blade. If that thing sprang out like say a BM Spike, the momentum would shoot the thing out of your hand and halfway down the block.

Hmmm, if you want super-rare, I reworked a handful in different configurations. Micarta scales, aluminum scales, steel bolsters, mirror two alike! Not being serious, just reminiscing over those knives...would be funny if you ran into one, though ;-)


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)