Benchmade Emersons, do I have them all ?

Mar 20, 1999
Hey everyone. Just trying to double check myself. I also asked Benchmade, and to their knowledge I do, but then again, Benchmade neglected to inform me of the SOF edition when I asked a year or so ago

Want to get a custom display case made from a great case maker in my area, but need to make sure I've got them all covered.

This list is just for the manual knives, taking care of the autos differently. Thanks in advance.

970, 970S, 970ST, 970BT, 970SBT, 970S-HK, 970SBT-HK, 970-SOF

975, 975S, 975BT, 975SBT

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I do see an entire model # missing. The 9700(I believe) auto version of the BM Emerson collaboration.

I would love to see a pic of the 970-SOF, that's the only one on the list I haven't seen.

It would be a great pic to put up over in the BM forum when you get them all done as well.

You have a great collection!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have pics of your collection to share with us?

Who still sells new condition BM CQC7's on the net?

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I don't think anyone has been selling them for a long time now. I've been completing the set buy buying them from other members here at the forums. Its taken me since I've joined back in '99, but from the looks of it, I am done

I only collect the Benchmade CQC7's. My tastes are taking a gigantic change towards full sized tactical fixed blades, so I wanted to make sure my BM Emerson Series was complete.

Yes, as soon as the case is complete, I am going to have a picture taken of the series being displayed.

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You might want to post this in the Emerson Forum. I am sure there are more than a few "usual suspects" that can help you out.
Dark Nemesis, Do you have the left handed versions of the CQC7, the titanium version which only came in the small size, or the BM9700 automatic version?

I wish I had bought the BM 9700 version. There were very few made.
I don't know if you've seen one, but there was a special run of 3 knives supposedly made for the President of HK which instead of the standard HK USP and No compromise, Have the graphics and "when You have the best" "F### the rest" or something like that--I'm working from memory. Anyway, this is the story told by the dealer who had one. He is on the board but I can't remember his handle--I know he is based in Mississippi and has the knife on a website. Last I heard he was asking $1000 for it. I saw this knife at a gun show in Jackson, MS, and it was a pretty nice production piece. Probably, the most rare of the collection you're looking at, but at that price I'd be looking for a handmade emerson.

Bingo !! Thats the kind of stuff I wanted to know about. That price is high, but if its legite, I just might consider it. Thanks very much, if you remember anything else about him, let me know please.


Yep, go those too, just forgot to list them, they are on a different shelf in my cabinet, forgot about them completely
Also, do you play Rogue Spear often ?

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There are indeed several HK versions. Ones I
have seen include:

* Picture of USP pistol / HK logo
* Large "No Compromise" lettering
* HK Training logo

The USP version seems to be the most common.

Great collection, however! Good job.

If you guys have pics of your BM CQC7s, please post the urls to your pics. BM should never have discontinued the CQC7.
Dark Nemesis - The gent with the H&K President's knife is GaryZ of Blackstock's. Good luck.