Benchmade Fixed It.

Feb 23, 2000
Many thanks to Benchmade for fixing my AFCK. I am one happy customer.

The problem with my AFCK combo edge was that after some good use the scale fixing screws became loose and could not hold. The pivot tension would also slacken off.
It meant I couldn't use the knife.

Finally I got round to sending it back to Benchmade. Postage to the US from the UK was about $10.

Less than three weeks later the knife is back in my hands. New scales and srews, new pivot screw and resharpened. The best bit of all: NO CHARGE, not even for posting it back to the UK.

I made no mention that I was a Blade Forum contributor.

Overall impresions of my AFCK are:
The design and egernomics are very good. The knife works very well in the hand when tackling a host of tasks.
The knife definately comes out of the C&C machine lazer cutting production stable. Perfect, but business like; without the warmth and charisma that you find in a custom or "best" production knife.
The liner lock does the job, but for me I struggle to have complete confidence in it.
The ATS-34 seems to me to be on the softer side of the Rockwell scale as I have to resharpent it a little more often than some of my other knives. The sharpening takes a little longer as I struggle to find the sweet sharp point in the final stage of sharpening. However, it will take a hair popping edge.
The pocket clip works and is a good one. You can open the blade one handed. The grip is secure. Lock up is tight and the action smooth.

I own better knives than the AFCK but they cost me more. For an everyday working tool the AFCK does the business. I wouldn't be distraught if I did lose it, or worry too much about lending it to a friend.

When it was out of use I did miss it. Would I buy it again? Probably not, but that's more to do with me wanting to try something different.
Kudos to BM! I wish they would have let me buy extra parts. Instead they insisted I ship it in and pay a $25 fee plus parts for the void warranty (I disassembled it before! *gasp*).

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