Benchmade Needs To Make...

Jul 16, 1999

A lockback with G-10 scales, steel liners, a drop point blade, the Syderco hole, and the option for a 100% serrated edge. Place the lockbak release more towards the front of the knife, and above all make the knife smooth, with a bushing or bearing the pivot. That would be sweet, just a thought.

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Did you know there is a Benchmade Forum? Maybe you could post your wishlist there

Mike and Spark have been trying to get them to move to BF.

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You know, Spyderco already makes a G-10 Police model that fits your specs pretty closely, though it's not exactly a drop-point. Or the Calypso or Goddard if you can handle Micarta scales without liners. The Wegner is a perfect match except the lock, and many forumites swear by it as one of the best linerlocks available.

Benchmade makes linerlocks almost exclusively. Why aren't you asking Spyderco to make this knife if you want the hole so much?

IMO, Benchmade needs to make the knives they have right before they make anything new. I love the designs, love the materials, but their QC is the worst I have seen from a company asking over $50 for its products. And I've seen a lot of Benchmades, inside and out.

I have a G-10 handled Spyderco Police model, I like it just fine but I think Benchmade would be wise to market something with a lockback besides a knife in the Ascent line. Benchmade is my favorite company, I would like to see EVERY great knife come out of BM, I want to see classic knives and OTF models from BM, and I would love to see BM make a MultiTool and start selling kitchen knives too. Just because other companies do it doesn't mean it will float my boat. I like the way Benchmade does things, and I am always happy with the finished product. BM might make liner-locks more then anything else right now, but that could change if the knife market does so also. Spyderco does just fine, and they make lockbacks almost exclusively. The AFCK and the Ascent seem to be the mainstays of the Benchmade line right now, and all I want is a one-time knife like the Spike in marketing.

I know there is a BM forum, but I have made the choice to NOT post there because it seems almost silly to do so. Most of the people there post here, and the ability to speak to a few reps from Benchmade isn't enough to make me register. I like it here, I would rather see what BladeForums thinks.

Robert Joseph Ansbro

If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed. -Stanley Kubrick, 1928-1999

I am the moderator on the forum "The Balcony" located at Cinematopia, please come support this brand new site
Mercury !!! I'm so glad you made this post, I also LOVE Benchmade Knives. Trying to get my collection going right now....Your idea for a new Benchmade knife might be a nice change.

I was wondering, when the lock on a lockback is moved up a little is it called a mid-lock ? though I heard that term somewhere before.

When you have a moment put it into the suggestion box on the Benchmade site. I put in a suggestion just yesterday and travis already confirmed that he received it. You don't have to register anywhere, its a link right off the main page.

When you have a chance, and if you would like to, email me with the Benchmades you have in your collection, if you collect. I would be interested in seeing what we each have.

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Spyderco already made a knife like this. The Renegade and the Blackhawk.
I think they were discontinued, but they are good knives.
Oops, sorry those were clip points, not drop, and no liners.

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