Benchmade Nimravus - Opinions

Mar 9, 1999
Hello all,
I'm interested to see what some of you think about the Nimravus by Benchmade. I'm thinking of picking one up for general outdoor utility use, especially around salt water. Also, what about edge preference, plain or combo? What do you think?

I think i am going to get the Nimravus Cub.I think its size might be a little more practical-for my use ayways.For general use i think i would go for the plain edge.It is a good looking knife from what i have seen.Knives that i intend to use alot i normally get a plain edge.Knives that i carry for protection/
rescue i usually go with the combo edge.
That is my opinion anyways!

I use my Nimravus (combo edge) around the house cutting this and that, and I think it's great. This weekend I'll be taking it with me on a hunting trip to see how it'll hold up again the outdoors. I'll be able to give you a more accurate evalutaion when I get back. As for salt water, the coating is enough to protect the blade. The only concern you might have is the actual cutting edge where it's not coated.


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This is all IMHO but,
The Nimravus is a very cool looking knife. It looks like a fixed blade Pinnacle or something.
Unfortunately, that's exactly what it is.
It's a fixed blade patterned off of a folder. This is NOT a good idea.
The blade thickness is less than 1/8th of an inch, I consider this to be marginal at best for a "general outdoor utility knife."
There is not nearly enough hilt for my liking, and the grip is too narrow for comfortable or prolonged utility use.

Now, having said this, let me add,
I don't think BM had a utility knife in mind when they designed this knife. My guess is that BM intends this as a solution for the people who can't place confidence in the current offerings of lock mechanisms.
IOW, it IS a fixed blade tactical folder.
If that's what you want it for, it should serve you well.
If OTOH, you want the utility knife I'd suggest that you go take a look at something like Cold Steel. Cold steel has several great utility knives well below or near the price of the Nimravus. (100 bucks)
100 dollars seems like a little too much money for the Nimravus too. Considering what you get for it. (A folder that won't fold!)
BTW, I know it doesn't sound like it, but I am a BIG Benchmade fan.

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

I have had a nimraevus for about 8 months now and in general I do like it. A little more belly would make it a better utility knife. I have found that the handle fits my medium sized hand well and is comfortable to use. Some people have complained about the edges of the tang biting into their hands but I have had no discomfort myself. As a utility or camping knife , I think the spydie Moran is probably better since there is plenty of belly and the vg10 steel is reputed to be more corrosion resistant and tougher ( but who really knows). It all depends on what you will use it for and all in all it is a good knife.
Hmm, we may be speaking different languages here. When I hear "Outdoors utility knife" I think of CS Trailmaster, or maybe one of those great HI Kukries. (Want one!)
What do other's mean when they use this term?
Can't see anybody chopping firewood or pounding tent stakes with a Nimravus or a Spidie Moran!

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

"Outdoor utility knife," for a lot of folks, can mean something pretty small and light, from a puukko to a Green River. For some years, the Swedish army's idea of a "survival knife" has been about 4" of rather thin Sandvik 12C27 stainless with a molded-on plastic handle and a lightweight molded plastic sheath. The Nimravus is a lot more of a "heavy duty" package than that.

To me an outdoor utility knife is used for cutting and that's about all. For firewood I use a folding campsaw which is more efficient and far safer. You don't want an axe or CS trailmaster imbedded in your foot when you are 3 days from civilization. Pounding tent pegs, if necessary, is best left to small fist sized rocks, something we have in abundance on the Canadian shield.I find that any blade larger than 5 inches in length gets in the way and is awfully heavy when portaging. The light weight of the spydie moran is a bonus.
I fish, camp, backpack and hunt....alot. To me an outdoor utility knife is a small to medium length blade that can handle most chores, including skinning and butchering. It should be lightweight, manuverable & comfortable as it will be used for most jobs.
The term "camp knife" connotes a large blade for chopping and brute work.
Okay, in that context, I can see how the Nimravus is a great knife!
I was a little confused there. (like that never happens!)
I'm a great proponent of BIG knives for outdoor use. True, there's often a better tool than a knife, but when hiking, I'd rather have one tool do the work of two or more. I'm sure not going to carry a camp axe if I can get my knife to do the job.
You can use a big knife to to the job of a little knife, but you can't make the little knife preform like the big one.
Bowies Rule!

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

I'm right fond of mine. I too use it as a hiking knife since hiking requires me to carry as effective a tool as possible while light weight is truly the first priority. In that context the Nimravus really fits the bill. The clip is my only dislike in that it really doesn't allow for many carry options other than (for me) hung upside down on the corner of my pack. Another thing to consider is that the Black-Ti wears off the blade easier than you'd think; its first hiking trip proved fatal to that stuff. But all in all, I like it and would recommend it highly. The CS Trailmaster is one of my favorites as well, but too heavy for hiking!
I just acquired the plain edge model. I think it is a very handy size for lots of things, for example, I'm going to attach the sheath to the front part of my truck seat cover and use it as a readily accessable car knife. I too find the two obtuse angles on the upper surface of the exposed tang at the butt digs into the heel of my hand a bit. I would like to see them rounded off. But all in all, I think it's a good little knife. Would be handy for the lighter stuff encountered during a military patrol, also.
Came very close to getting one at the last knife show I went to. Love the shape and feel of it, and the sheath is really nice. Then I saw the Cub! Thats the one for me!
I like the Nimravus, ergonomics seemed dead on for me. Scott at Edge Works built a kydex sheath on his "micro harness" for me and I found it to be quite handy. It hung upside down, something the Nimravus sheath warns against. As far as the blade being just a fixed folder design, that aspect is what caught my eye. Small, sleek, and sharp. I have had the opportunity to sell it on several occasions. Finally busted down and sold it to my dads best friend, he got a deal (with a custom sheath and all). I will aquire another!



Who are you calling a brute?

(and how did you know?)

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!