Benchmade Nimravus

Nov 3, 1998
Anyone handled one of these yet? Saw one today just out of the corner of my eye, and was thinking of going to get it tomorrow. Price for the pre- productions anyone?
James K. Mattis reviewed the one he got free for having come up with the name "Nimravus".

Dunno where though. I'd EMail him, he'll tell you what forum and appoximate time period. Set the pointers here and on General to "way the heck back" and search on "Nimravus", you oughta find it.

Jim March
I just received one of the 1st 1000 and it is a really well balanced knife. The handles are nicely finished and the blade is well proportioned. The one problem that I do see is with the sheath. On the top edge about two inches from the tip the sheath rubs on the knife. Not a huge concern, unless you are not going to use it.
I too purchased a 1 of 1000 , I find that the overall quality is excellent. The knife is well balanced and has a good "feel". It is slim and sleek and is a winner.
My only complaint is the sheath, the clip on the back does not allow for horizontal carry. The quality is very good though.