benchmade or spyderco?

BM or Spyderco?

Ford or Chevy?

Glock or HK?

Tough choice! My suggestion to you is to go out and handle the both of them before you buy. I absolutely love my Military - it's a hard-use knife, without a question. Unless you decide to go with the M2 steel on the BM, the Military in CPM 440V is, imo, better. Unfortunately, the ergos on the Military just don't work for me. That alone was enough for me to decide not to carry it. I also am not very fond of the high-ride of the clip.

The BM AFCK has been my daily carry for three years. The ergos are perfect for MY hands. NEVER had a problem with it. It's seen some hard-use, too.

So what is came down to was ergos. The BM won, hands down (excuse the pun). I don't think you could go wrong with either. But for me, it just came down to the matter of how it fit my hand.

I have both the AFCK in ATS-34 and a Military. Both are excellent knives. I have not had the bad luck with Benchmade quality issues as my AFCK does not have blade wobble or lock slippage problems. I haven't had any lock problems with the Military either. I also have no issue with quality liner locks or with tip-down versus tip-up carry (although I prefer tip-down for liner locks).

Both slice quite well, but the Military seems to stand out more often. The thicker blade of the AFCK seems studier, but I don't abuse the Military as much as the AFCK. Personally, I believe that the CPM-440V steel is better than the ATS-34, but either performs well for just about any task. In terms of ergonomics, I don't have any preference except that the Military is more comfortable to carry IWB behind the right kidney because the butt of the handle is rounded and the handle is thinner.

You seem to be looking at Benchmade's AFCK-II, which has a differnt blade than the original because of the oval opening hole. I prefer a circular hole, but you can find the original AFCK still. In terms of value, I think that you will be better off buying the Military because of the more consistent quality control of Spyderco. Both knives are pretty much in the same price point.

If all that doensn't let you know what my preference is, then consider this: I carry the Military every day while the AFCK will accompany me occasionally only if my Starmate isn't appropriate.

This may put my life at risk, but I've never beena Spyderco fan. To date the only Spyderco that I've kept after purchasing is the Military model.

I would have to say Benchmade on this one. They just have that extra solid feeling to me.

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Nobody has mentioned the BM 350. I have one in 154-CM plainedge. I can't complain, the ergonomics are great and I LOVE liner locks. But for spydies, nothing can beat an Endura in ATS-55, 50/50 blade.

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I too have both, and really enjoy both!!! I am not sure I would want one of the new AFCK's with the oval hole though.
I have both, and IMO they are both excellent. I guess the edge on my AFCK came a little sharper than most people's...the plain portion was sharpened about 15 degree angles out of box.

The strength of the AFCK design is that the liner lock in open position is out of the way. I feel in handling the AFCK is slightly more comfortable in the hand, but the Military is comfortable and is a better pure cutting machine. I think they both feel very solid and mine have no blade play or lock problems. My Military's liner lock is the most perfect of all my linerlocks in terms of positioning and solidity, and IMO the Military isn't ugly. It has its own type of beauty.

Handle them both, then make a decision.
Having only handled Military but owning AFCK I'd go for Military. Militarys lock is same as in Starmates (I have one) and that is better than lock in AFCK. I like thinner and larger washers in Spydercos. Round hole is better in drop opening than owal and that is only reason to have tipdown hole opening blades. I hardly ever use AFCK as Axis is better in all aspects (apart being recurve and I don't like recurves) than AFCK and even axis stays mostly in my drawer.

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I own the Spydie Military and have used my friends AFCK. I like the AFCK but still haven't gotten one. I love the Military. I think its a good lookin knife, its the just the right size, its lightweight, and its an excellent cutter. I would definitely recommend the Military.
I have nearly all pieces mentioned so far, and I got to tell ya, I agree with the rek'mndation of the 710 in M2. Axis is AWESOME!

My afck is my FASTEST knife. It experiences NO blade play, but the blade is now slightly off center, which I remedy time to time by flexing the liners. M2 is SWEET! I am just growing wary of the coatings BM is now using on their knives.

My Military has the unique distinction of being the only knife in my collection to cut me SEVERELY! This puppy is quick, sturdy, light, and SHARP AS HELL!!! In the bush, the only thing keeping me from carrying this piece is that I prefer the newer locks to the classic liner lock on both my afck and this Military.

I currently have gone back to carrying my REKAT PIONEER II in TANTO PLAIN EDGE configuration. I like the afck and military better, namely for their customer support and their quality control, but the lock on my REKAT is second ONLY to the AXIS on the 710.


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from the sound of it, i should forget the afck and military and just go out and buy a 710hs. if i could actually find one that wasnt too expensive i might actually go that route. as it is, i might be able to buy an older model used afck is m2 steel, that has had needed qc work done to it already, for pretty cheap. should i do that or buy a new one? or just find a cheap 710? im so confused!!
I would have to go for the Spyderco Viele, have had two BM and I prefer the Viele.