Benchmade Park Avenue 450 screw size needed

Jun 22, 1999
I've got the subject knife, a sweet little number (actually, 431/1000) with a cute silver chain in place of a clip.

Trouble is, I just pocket carry anyway so I don't need the chain (or a regular clip) ... plus when I hook the chain on my jeans, occasionally I jam my finger into the end of the silver hook :eek:

So I want to take the chain off. It's simple enough to remove using a wire cutter, but being a nice silver chain, I'd rather leave it intact in case I ever want to sell or give it to someone.

That means having to disassemble the knife, but the problem is the 4 small screws used on rear of the knife. Does anyone know the driver size for these? My Torx T6 driver which usually fits on Benchmade/Spyderco knives will fit only in the pivot adjustment screw for the blade, but appears too big for the other screws.

Thanks for any feedback.

Where's a common place to find a T5 driver. Seems like T6 is the smallest at most of my local shops.
Try Sears Hardware. Last time I needed one, they had a whole rack of different torx, etc. drivers.
Thanks. I bought a couple of T6's from Sears and I seemed to remember that being the smallest size I could find there at the time.

T1? With one of those, I should be able to do genetic engineering ;)