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Benchmade Pinnacle - any good?

Mar 27, 2000
I'm just thinking about a new knife purchase. BM Pinnacle looks like a rock solid piece of knife but what's your opinion guys?
I know what some of you are going to say but I cannot afford Sebenza :-(
I was going to say an XL Apogee by Darrel Ralph, but if the Sebenza is out of the picture, well, the rest is history.

How about trying a SOG with the Arc Lock?
They have a TITANIUM handle Vision .... in my opinion it's much nicer than the Pinnacle and SOG's ATS-34 steel heat treatment seems to be above BM's too!

I would say though that the Pinnacle is BM's finest knife!

"Knife Collectors / Knuts Are Sharp People!"
(most of the time that is)
The BM Pinnacle is a great knife. It is a solid choice. I settled on the BM 720. But, if I ever get the 720 really gunked up with dirt or whatever someday, I'm going wish it was as simple to clean as the Pinnacle.

Have fun with the Pinnacle.

Yes, it is good. I just picked up one of those. I like the handle ergonomics a lot and the gritty texture provides a solid grip. The lock seems absolutely rock solid and judging by the partial engagement of the lock bar and the concave radius on the end of the blade tang, it will take a lifetime for it to wear out. In my experience, BM quality control is no worse than other production companies.
I think the Pinnacle is one of the most under-appreciated knives out there. Functionally, it is every bit as good a cutting tool as the Sebenza, maybe with better ergonomics, but unfortunately, it is uglier than the Sebenza and doesn't have the amazing manufacturing tolerances to make up for it.

I would be carrying a Pinnacle myself if I weren't carrying an Apogee.
I agree. If I weren't carrying a Sebenza, I'd carry the Pinnacle. You just can't go wrong with a titanium integral lock.
The Pinnacle is a great knife for the price if you appreciate the integral lock concept (I do, and own sebenza's and an Apogee).

Good belly in the grind, a reverse curve (serrations kind of cover up this feature).
Very good knife for the money, if you like the size and profile there is no reason not to buy it. Now if only Benchmade would follow up with the promised smaller version...

James Segura
San Francisco, CA
I recently bought a half-serrated Pinnacle, and it's a great knife. I agree you should first check before buying, and the one I got is rock-solid. It's also a very comfortable size, and after you use it a bit, the action becomes surprisingly smooth.
The Pinnacle does seem to be a good knife. I would definately check it out before buying though. I went to a local knife store and several of the ones they had in stock had blade play. To be honest it might have been something that tightening the pivot would cure, but the store wouldn't let me do that unless I bought them. They seem very comfortable, and I love the recurve blade.

Dont rule out the Columbia River S-2 if you are looking for a frame lock. Also a quality piece. And available in different sizes now.

Dennis Bible
I know the Sebenzas seem expensive, but mine ended up being cheaper than even the CRKT and Benchmades ... you see, I used to buy myself a knife a month and I have only bought gifts for other people since I bought the Sebenza almost 2 years ago!
my $.02,
Firstly, buy the Sebenza.
Secondly, the design and materials of the 750 are good. The problem is in the execution.

I had a BM 750 for one day. I bought it off the internet from a dealer and SENT IT BACK!!

The blade play was intolerable as was the overall quality control, or lack thereof. If you happen to get a good one, it's probably a decent knife.

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I had one for a couple of weeks. It had some blade play, which really annoyed me. I finally got smart and bought a Sebbie. I gave the 750 to a buddy of mine who was not too annoyed with the blade play.
Do it right the first time and get the Sebbie. It's a lot of money at first but it will pay off through the years.
My humble thoughts.