Benchmade Pinnacle, my Review

Mar 19, 1999
hello people, i just recieved my model 750s pinnacle at about 11:20 am eastern time. Let me say that this knife is one solid puppy, the following things are what i love about this knife, 1, the spacer has very sharp ridges giving the knife a great hold, 2, the re-curve blade is a great slasher, the overall look of this knife is great, 3, stop pin is huge, 4, i love the sebenza type lock-very solid. There are a couple of things i am concerned about though, for one is the 2 washers, benchmade used there normal plastic? or what ever it is, i dont like this, this knife is a tough as nails knife, why stay with soft washers, they should have used bronze or maybe even hard coated aluminum washers. My concern with these are, can the plastic? washers wear out, since they are riding between steel, and very abrasive titanium. And my other dis-like is the type of stop pin assembly, i havent taken this knife apart yet, if i do will the stop pin fall out, is the pin pushed in the holes in the handle, is there any type of mechanism holding it, or is it just friction holding the pin in. It is like my 840s ascent, the pin holding the lock mechanism can be pushed out with little force, can this be done with the pinnacle's stop pin. Besides all that, the knife is great, smooth, sharp lines, and a great lock, which i dont think will wear like the other benchmade liners, i hope not.

I have only seen pictures of the Pinnacle so I can't say much. I will say however, if you can get bronze washers, trade them out.
I have a large Sebenza and from my experience this adds to the smoothness of the action and as you indicated they will not wear down as the plastic ones.
Otherwise, enjoy the knife and if it is anything like the Sebenza I know you will love it.

God bless!

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I have had the pinnacle for several months now. I like the knife a lot. Wished I got it before I purchase a bunch of other knives. Perhaps, I would have saved some money... Nah!

I personally don't take my knives apart. I am just not inclined. But with regards to the integral lock wear, when I first got the knife it was a bear to disengage. Like alot of folks, I like flicking the knife. Now, the lock is perfect in terms of disengaging. It moved though from left side towards right of middle, meaning I wore it down pretty quickly. I don't flick this knife or do so minimally now. But if it the lock ever got to the other side, I know it won't jam the blade since the lock is so thick. Of course there would be blade play.


I have had mine now for about a month, Excellent knife for the price (perhaps under priced [:)] ). Live stated above hard to disengage at first losened after 2 days.

I've had my pre-production pinny for a few months. Sturdy knife, especially after I fitted some brass washers.

The factory nylatron(?) washers were so soft that lockbar tilted the blade over to the other side a day after bought it. No pivot screw adjustment could fix that without making it impossible to open. Brass washers work great. They don't flex at all. The blade is perfectly parallel with the Ti slabs.
A bronze bushing assembly like on the Sebenza or Genesis would do wonders for the Pinnacle.

The pivot pin on mine was pretty snug. Repeatd disassembling will probably loosen it up.

Future plans:
1)Put bronze washers in. The brass ones are wearing.
2)Replace the plastic(Delrin?) spacer with steel posts (ala Sebenza).
3)Round off the edges of the handles, then mess with anodizing.

4)Buy a Sebenza and appreciate all the work that goes into it.


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Has anyone had any luck sharpening the Pinnacle yet? When mine arrived it was not very sharp and when I tried to sharpen it I couldn't get anywhere with that recurve.

I don't carry it because I don't like to use knives I can't easily sharpen, I'd sure like to hear anyone else's luck with it!


I do alright with the corner of the sharpmaker. It doesn't get razor sharp but it's sharp enough that I have gotten nicked on the finger.

Yep, the sharpmaker works fine for me. I've got it shaving sharp. Actually I found the sharpmaker to work fine on other recurved blades too. I was able to sharpen my khukuri with it.
Halpern Titanium has nylon washers.
I made my metal washers from some .025" brass strips from Ace Hardware.

One thing I've noticed with my "demo" Pinnacle that I carry from time to time is that lock release is easy on some days and a real thumb-buster on other days. I haven't figured out any pattern - temperature or whatever. Has anybody else noticed this sort of thing? Especially anybody who understands the physics of titanium springs better than I do?


If the search feature is working, do a search on my name and look for the Axis threads. The BM Axis is also recurved, and I explained in detail how I got it sharp.

Let me do a quick follow-up. I realize that at first, recurved blades make you feel like a novice sharpener again. Well let me assure you, after you spend the initial up-front time re-profiling the edge, it does not take long before your sharpening skills really improve. I can get my Axis really sharp now, and I'm not longer scared of recurved edges.

This has more impact than you think. Recurved edges provide great performance gains for certain kinds of applications. It is definitely worth spending some time learning how to do it, the results are worth it. And in time, you'll be almost as comfortable sharpening a recurved edge as you are with a regular edge.

The first time you sharpen the Pinnacle, you'll probably spend some time doing a thinning-bevel (don't bother taking it to a burr), then throw a Sharpmaker-angle bevel on top of that. After that, it'll outperform any plain edge you have on slicing rope or whittling, I bet.

Initially I had a lot of trouble sharpening my Pinnacle with the Sharpmaker, but I think that had to do with removing enough metal so the edge angle matches the Sharpmaker angle, especially at the tip. Now my Pinnacle is shaving sharp. Just follow Joe's advice about sharpening recurves!

Joe, you once said you were going to do a side by side cutting comparison of the Pinnacle and the Sebenza. If you ever got around to that, I'd really like to know how that turned out.


I'm not sure what happened to my Sebenza order. I was warned it might take a while, so I guess I have no right to be impatient, but I was kind of expecting my Sebenza by now. I, too, am very anxious to do a side-by-side comparison of the two knives.