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Benchmade Pinnacle

Why don't you brave posters ask BM, on their forum? I did!

Is it just me or does the Pinnacle look a lot like a CR Sebenza?

I mean I love my Benchmade knives and my decorated Sebenza but this looks like a rip off if you ask me. Does anyone know what Chris Reeve thinks about this?

Andy; you are the brave one; you actually went to BM and posted your questions, and got them answered! Outstanding!

I am well and truly impressed. Of course the post above yours, extolling the virtues of the Sebenza above the Pinnacle was in poor taste, so perhaps the BMST felt they should treat you with more respect for your 'right thinking.' Whatever, you did well, going to the BM oracle and obtaining a lucid answer!

Good job. Walt Welch
No problem, in short, the knife is coming out in November but the lock may not be as strong as the Axis Lock. This is the answer from BM.

I figured, there will always be poor people around like myself... So the Pinnacle may be an answer to that, if the quality is kept up with... (I can fix my roof now with the money I save...