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Oct 31, 1998
I have an axis lock and was wondering if the pocket clip was stainless steel with some kind of coating on it or if it was just regular steel that was blued.I was also wondering how many people carry their knife using the clip.I have had my axis lock almost fall out of my pocket twice after lightly being brushed against when utilizing the clip.I have thought about just putting it in my pocket for more security,but I did like the accessability of my knife when its clipped to my pocket.I'am just concerned the knife may become unclipped and not even realize I lost the knife.Should I consider a lanyard and carry it in my pocket?Thanks in advance for the replies.RS
I've found some pocket clips don't have enough tension .Just remove the clip and bend it in alittle increasing the tension. If that's not secure enough try inside the waistband .This carrry method seems to be the most secure.
Man, you guys are all wrong! Just rivet a steel plate to the inside of your pocket, with two holes drilled in it. Then put an 8 foot lanyard through the knife's lanyard hole, and run the ends inside the pocket and through the holes in the steel plate into the inside of the leg. Finally, tie a very strong knot, and take a lighter and fuse the knot permanently.

P.S. Do not attempt above procedure while wearing the pants, or with a rope that isn't nylon.

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I have carried a knife with clip in front pocket carry for about a year. Never once came close to the knife coming out accidently. I agree that the lack of tension on the clip may be the cause of the problem as described above. Also agree with the bending "fix" described above. The only drawback may be that if too much tension is created it might wear out the material at the top of the pocket.

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The clip on the Axis-Lock is too small for the knife, it is strange to me that such a small clip would be on the Axis while other Benchmade knives like the Ascent are packaged with very large sized clips. Personally, I would not only remove the clip in order to tighten it, I would bend down the top of the clip (near the three screws) and make it actually touch the handle TIGHTLY about a fourth of a centimeter in. Then re-configure the rest of the clip accordingly to make up for the dramatic shift in the clip. This will result in a regular clip for about a fourth of an inch, then a strong and sharp downward hit onto he handle, then the clip will go back up and proceed as it would usually . When you clip the knife on your person, try and clip in onto a HEMMED fabric ending, like a pant pocket, so that the bump where the fabric is hemmed will almost CLUCK past that dramatic drop in the clip, almost locking it into place. That should effectively remove all danger in loosing the clip. It might sound like a pain to do, and I know the way I explained it is kind of wierd, but it's really simple once you see what has to be done. All you need is a pair of pliers and NOT to care if your clip gets scratched up a little bit (or a lot, depending on the kind of pliers you are using, I use a Victorinox Swiss-Tool and it works out fine).


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What knid of pants are you wearing? I've carried an AFCK and AXIS now, for over four years, and the only time I have problems with the knife staying where I put are the times that I wear slacks, Polly cotton blend in particular.

Hey at least nobody answered your question. It's stainless steel with a coating; not sure what kind of coating but my guess is it is a lighter dusting of BT2. The BM catalog definitely says that its stainless though, that much is for sure.


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I agree with bending the clip slightly at the area where the holes are drilled for the screws. Like mentioned above, it depends on what type of pant/shorts you're primarily going to clip the knife to. For denim, you should only have to bend the clip slightly, but for cotton/cotton blends or thinner materials, you may have to bend it a bit more for a good hold. Cutiger, all you need is a torx driver size 8 (T-8) or T-7 for Benchmade clip screws. Benchmade used T-6 torx screws for the handle of my Axis, and a T-15 for the pivot screw. You can get them at your local Sears hardware dept. for about $2 or $3 each.



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I wear those cheesy polyester pants when at work(uniform) and now that its summer I mostly wear shorts when not working.I like the sheath idea,but if you don't wear something with a belt I'm assuming a belt sheath would not work out so good unless it can be made with a nice strong pocket clip on the sheath,hmmm,that could be the ticket.I guess inside the pants carry might be an option,I'm just wondering if that kind of carry would be comfortable,plus I have that terrible over the rim flabby tire situation going on,so if I go with inside the pants there might be to long of a delay trying to find it with all the flab in the way
.As far as bending the clip,this might be another solution but I have visions of me stripping screws.Well thanks for all the good respnses,I guess now I just have to decide on how to deal with it.Thanks,RS
Guess what. You don't even have to remove the clip before bending it (to make it fit tighter). All you have to do is put the tip of a standard screwdriver between the clip and the handle scale and twist it (fairly hard) while squeezing down on the end of the clip (the end that doesn't have the screws). This will bend the clip nicely. If you are concerned about scratching the handle scale with the screwdriver, put a folded piece of cloth or other suitable material between the screwdriver and the scale before you apply the torque.

Let the record show: I believe clips actually prevent me losing pocket knives, not the other way around. I wear Dockers, which have vertical pocket slits. Knives can slide out of this kind of pocket very easily when you're sitting in the car, on a couch, or at a movie theater. I like pocket clips.

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Speaking as an IWB knife carrier, I feel that it is very comfortable. There are two place that I carry, that translates to just about any pants. I carry behind/on the hip, with the clip crossed across the belt loop just behind the hip, underneath the belt. This puts the knife on a slant, and the clip virtually disappears underneath the belt and the belt loop. Not the quickest access, but very comfortable. You have to wear it there a couple of days, though, before you get used to it. And, if you carry more than one knife IWB like this (I carry 3 like this most of the time), you will need to loosen your belt (obviously?). For quicker access, and nearly as much comfort, I carry more or less behind the belt buckle. Much quicker access.

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