Benchmade R&R

Dec 3, 2000
Hiya folks! Just picked up one of the Bencmade R&R fixed blades....really cool knife! like the blade design, came a little dull, but took a hair popping sharpess in just a minute of sharpening. overall it seems like a good rugged design, especially for what the name of the knife suggests. I do have a question or two though....

What is this "Gin-1" blade stuff?

something that i'm not liking about the knife is that the sheath doesn't have much of a means of vertical carry on a normal width belt. so this brings me into two more questions.

is there some glorious thing to horizontal carry that i'm missing out on? i can see it with the folders, Benchmade AFO, Microtech Socoms, LCC's, etc as a matter of personal preference, but every time i've tried this style of carry with a fixed blade, it's either difficult to access, or the handle is sticking out and just beggin' to catch on every damn thing around, whether i've been in a house, a boat, or trompin' through the woods. other than being slightly more ambidextrous when worn up front, what the heck is so great about this method of carry? Please don't take this as a loaded question, or confrontational in nature, i'm just....honestly wondering if i'm missing out on some vital information here. for now i'm thinkin' I'll use that horizontal mount to hang the knife vertically on the front strap of my jumpkit (due to the nature of my volunteer EMS work, my organization uses suspender packs and small day packs)

I was also wondering if anyone had suggestions towards modifying this sheath for vertical carry with a wider belt that doesn't involve permanently maiming or modifying it. So far the only ideas I've gotten involves either duct tape, or zip ties, so I'm thinkin' theres gotta be a better way. :eek: thanks for any input!
Where'd you find it? I've been looking for one since they were first announced several months ago.

Did you go with the combo-edge or plain?

All my recent purchases have been plain edge, but this knife looks particuarly suited to a combo-edge configuration.


Actually, I was really lucky in finding it at a local shop here in Anchorage. They were $75 for the combo edge and $65 for the plain. I struggled quite a bit regarding combo or plain edge and finally went with the plain edge for two different reasons. First of all, by the time I use that knife for any kinda extrication, cutting heavy cord, or any of the other areas where serrations come into play, I figure I will have used it 200,000 other times for simple menial tasks like opening a pack of beef jerky, trimming loose threads, etc.
The second reason, (which ties in with the first) is that I habitually don't maintain serrations as well as I should. In the past every time I've had a combo edge on a knife I've managed to keep the unserrated part hair popping sharp while the serrated section couldn't saw through a stick of butter. Frankly, I'd be quite surprised if you can't pick one up on the net at a comparative price. If you can't though I'd be glad to help you contact Ray at Northern Knives in Anchorage. He's always been a great guy to do business with and has a real knack for those hard to find items. I don't know how he does it, but he can usually come up with what I'm looking for in fairly short order, which can be quite a task here. For what it's worth, mine is a first production run 379/1000.
Good luck to ya and I hope yer day's a good 'un! :)
RWS, I have one ordered that should be here in a week. The sheath was designed for attaching to PFD lash tabs, I'm told. My plan is to see if the holes in a Tec-Loc belt adapter will line up with the ones in the BM sheath. I've been told that they do. This hopefully will solve the belt wear problem and provide options to angle the sheath as well. Good luck.
Gin-1 or G2 as it is also known is a good quality Japanise stainless steel. It favours rust resistance over the edge holding seen in steels like ATS-34/154CM. However, it takes a great edge, holds it well and is very rust resistant. It is a great compromise steel not unlike 440C or AUS-10. For the Knife/steel Knuts out there, yes I know that is a broad statement! I think it is perfect for the style of knife. I have one knife in this steel. A Micarta handled fully serrated Wayne Goddard C16. Few of these fully serrated models were made and it hold a great edge! I am very happy with it.
had a feeling that the forementioned qualities if Gin-1 were perzactly what Benchmade would have wanted in such a knife, description is greatly appreciated! seems they made a pretty good call on this one....

errrrr...."Tec-Loc belt Adapter"? pardon my ignorance.....but....uhmmm.....what's dat?

Sheepishly signing off,
RWS (or just plain Mike)
The Tec-Loc is a clip that attaches to Concealex/Kydex sheaths, and enables them to be attached to one's person or gear in a variety of ways. Made by Blade-Tech, and the fertile imagination of Tim Wegner. Sorry, but don't know how you get them, except directly from Blade-Tech.
RWS - My BM 100 arrived today - first thing I did was remove the PFD tab attachment and replace it with a small size Tec-Lok. It's currently in a 45 degree cross-draw configuration. I will have to change to flathead screws. The ones supplied with the tec-lok are for countersunk holes. Good luck.
Here is where you can get either style for $49.95, I got a post from Roger a couple of days ago and he had them in stock.

Bayou Lafourche Knife Works

I am planning on getting one just have not had a chance to research them more that they've hit the market. For $50 you can't hardly lose I think:) I've also really liked the looks of it since the pictures first came out.

As for the sheath, I'm sure that some of the great sheath makers around here will have them rolling out soon (ala Sastre, Normark etc..), at such a low price point it sounds like you could have a great little fixed blade and a custom sheath for aound $80.

I would also recommend getting one of the Tec-Locs, I have a couple and they are really well done. I'm not sure what size you would need for the BM100 but Blade-Tec makes it in a small and a large. I find the small is the one I use the most.

Edited to add this:

Here is BT's url.

I don't think they have the Tec-Loc's on the web page, you may have to call them directly. Great company and great service!