Benchmade Rukus and HI JKM FS.

Sep 18, 2003
I need to thin the herd a little with a couple that I am not using.

The first is the Rukus that was used in latest Rukus passaround. I won the drawing and thought I was going to keep this knife. I love this knife, but have been carrying others far too often to keep it around.


$125 shipped priority, ins., delivery confirmation. Rukus is SPF. Thanks.

There are two nonfactory items. The first is the natural wear on the clip.


The second is the color, it appears to be some type of graphite, on the top end of the knife.


Neither of these items affect performance, but will not allow me to claim it is mint.

The box and paperwork are included with this one.

The second one is an HI JKM I just bought a month ago. This is another great knife which I am chastising myself over.


$50 shipped priority, ins. delivery confirmation. Price drop to $45 shipped.

I love this knife, and was going to EDC it, but the handle is simply too short for this length blade, IMHO. It has a three finger handle.


I was hoping for either a shorter blade, or a longer handle.

Please note that while I have never used this knife it was made by some craftsmen that do not have a modern shop so there are things like unbroken corners and such that seem to be standard on HI knives. These items do NOT detract from the performance.

This is a great knife by all accounts, it just does not fit my large hands.

No box or paperwork, just the sheath.

I wish I could get better pics, but the weather is nasty outside, and that is the best lighting I can do this week.

USPO POMO and Cashier's checks always accepted. If you prefer paypal I may be able to work something out, but you will have to pay the fees.

Everything will ship when I receive payment.

Thanks for looking, and let me know if you have any questions. You can reach me by PM or e-mail in my profile.
EM sent on the rukus.............

Sifu sent an e-mail asking for a couple of particulars on the Rukus. I have responded and am awaiting his decision.

CM - If he decides against getting it I will contact you.

The Rukus is SPF.

The HI is still available for $45 shipped.


The HI is still here, and a great buy. It will make someone with smaller hands a great EDC/utility blade.

what is the blade steel?.nice looking knife.
i have a small hand. sooooooooo..
what is the blade steel?.nice looking knife.
i have a small hand. sooooooooo..

I am not an expert on these knives, and request you go to the Himalayan Imports forum here on with your question about steel. I am sure they can answer it with a much greater knowledge than I have.

Buffalo horn that has been polished. It is smooth.

Weekend bump.

HI is still available.

Do you have anything to trade?

Thanks for looking.
very nice JKM karda here sharks... beautiful white horn handle!!! :eek:
i wouldve jumped on it but i already have one :D

bump... come and get it :thumbup:
HI JKM still available.

If you don't like my price make me an offer.