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benchmade screws for clips


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Jul 30, 2000

Does anyone know where I can get at least 6 screws for the benchmade clip that are 7/32 inch long? This is the length of the thread itself.BM seems to not have anymore. I would like them to take a # 6 torx wrench. If not a # 7 torx wrench will do. Thanks, Roger
Hard to believe BM doesn't have anymore. I e-mailed BM last year complaining about the clip on my Stryker loosening routinely, and they promptly sent me a new clip (which I didn't ask for) and three new screws - at no charge! Great service. You might try contacting them again....good luck.
Shivey, Benchmade has been real good at sending me screws and things over the years. I called last week and I was sent screws but they were to short. The ones they sent were 3/16 inch long. They do not go but halfway through the liner of my 710`s and I have stripped them on two different knives. I have an older 710 and the screw is 7/32 long and it goes all the way through. BM sent me a note and said those 3/16 inch were the only ones they had for the 710. Later.