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Benchmade Serrations vs. Spydercos's???

Jul 24, 1999
Are Spyderco's sharper serrations better or just different?

Do you prefer all plain or partially serrated on 4" Benchmades?

Also, could the black coating, which goes all the way up the serrations on one side cause problems?

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Both Benchmade and Spyderco make great serration patterns. Now bring up Cold Steel and you got an argument.

The coating would not really create any problems unless you are using the knife under extreme conditions like diving or other very high humidity situations.

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I'm pretty sure that BM licenses both the serrations and the hole from Spyderco. The serrations are the same pattern, the tips just aren't as sharp (at least, comparing an AFCK to a Police).
My favorite on production folders has always been Spyderco.However the Benchmade folders with serrations appear to be the same to me.I don't know enough about the technical aspects but am just going on appearance.I assumed they had some kind of agreement.
Don't get me started on cold steel serrations!I have some older ones with serrations that appear identical to Spyderco.The pattern they changed to is terrible and cuts worse then a Ginsu knife.

If we bring Cold Steel serrations into this equation things will get ugly pretty fast. I for one don't like the way the tiny teeth break off if you even bring it in the same room where thick cardboard is sitting.
Don't get me started with CS serrations.

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

The Benchmade serrations are kind of reverse from the Spyderco serrations: sharp valleys and rounded points on the Benchmades. The disadvantage is that the Benchmade serrations are less aggressive in cutting. The advantage is that they're less vulnerable to getting the tips chipped off. I've chipped off the tips of just about every kind of serrations, but Spydercos are usually the first to go.

Which you'll choose will depend on what you're going for. I personally would rather have the more aggressive serrations. I don't like partially-serrated blades, and don't find all that much use for fully-serrated blades. But when I do bother to carry a fully-serrated blade along with my plain one, I'm typically going for the most aggressive cutting possible. On the other hand, if you care about the aesthetics of broken points, or are cutting into things that break off the teeth easily, Benchmades serrations are the way to go.