Oct 14, 1999
I've owned lot's of knives. If you are looking for the best bang for the buck, then this is it. I'm not saying it's God's answer to knives, I'm just saying it's a great knife for the price. Switch action is smooth and commanding, and it holds a great edge too. I highly reccomend it.
Stryker 9100S. Very Awesome knife,The blade is Wicked Looken and the tip of the blade is real thick,I like the thin T-6 slabs,I prefer the Satin finish with the serations wich adds to the looks,The grip is excellent,And the lock up is rock solid!!Alot of BANG FOR SURE !!
have only a few factory knives--custom art knife collector--and my everyday carry knife is the BM Mini-Stryker. For the $ it is as good as it gets. Very positive and solid liner lock, sharp and easy to resharpen and strong. As an $85 item is is difficult to beat.
Guess I'll offer a slightly different take. I just got rid of my Stryker. It's an okay knife, depending on what you want to do with it. I didn't find the tanto blade particularly good for utility compared to other shaped knives, say drop point, clip point, etc. The tanto is great for puncturing but then I don't fully trust the linerlock. The titanium lock on mine wore pretty quickly, btw. I like the stryker's handle ergonomics. The REKAT pioneer series with different blade shapes have a similar shape handle but also a stronger rolling lock. The price is about the same or cheaper than the mini stryker.


AKTI #A000356.
I've carried mine (910)everyday for almost a year, and its by far the most ergonomic of the knives I own. It carries comfortably and securely and the lock up is great. Some complain about the blade shape but I have never found it lacking. While the lack of belly definetly eliminates it as a skinner, the strong but narrow point allows you to perform odd tasks like prying a dud round out of a firearm action.
I have carried mine since they came out and love it. Best feeling handle going IMHO fits my hand like a glove. I worried about the belly part at first but have had no problems what so ever.Thumbs up on this one
The low handle/blade ratio makes this one really easy to carry. Great handle design. Best fit up of any Benchmade I own.

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