Benchmade VS. Emerson (CQC7)

Oct 21, 1998
I have the chance to pick up a BM 950slh. My question is this:
Has anyone done a comparative analysis between the two? I'm aware of the screw and clip differences. Are there any other differences that make one better than the other?
The only thing I can think of is the warranty. Benchmade can't fix certain things on their knives because they can't make the parts. So any Benchmade 97X model you buy will hopefully last a long time.
Out of the ones I've seen in the knife stores, the Benchmades seem to have a better fit and finish and appear more durable with more screws. But this is all impressions only.
The Emerson ha flat head screw hardware, so it's easier to take apart.
From comparing my three BM's to the Emerson CQC7, the serrations look a little different. Probably doesn't effect the cutting at all, but I think I prefer the serrations on the BM's cuz it's a little easier to touch up (in my opinion).


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[This message has been edited by JasonW (edited 13 April 1999).]

Thanx for the replies. I think I'm gonna' blow this knife off; I'm not very fond of the chisel, anyway.

I can't imagine a new BM that's not supported under warranty. Could this be true?