Benchmade Website

Jan 10, 1999
How come such a premier knife company can't maintain a decent presence on the WWW? I mean, why go there if the products are a year behind current production.

They only update every 13 months. -AR

- Intelligent men, unfortunately, learn from fools, more often than fools learn from intelligent men.

well, you could go there for the benchmade forum. from my understanding, benchmade was one of the first to have such a forum. to me, this puts them slightly ahead of the competition, as far as the www goes. how is spyderco's website these days? i have not been there for a while, so i don't know. are all their new models on their website?

the only thing i have a problem with from benchmade, is the lack of response to questions on their forum. when mark mcwillis was at benchmade, i bet this never would have happened. i would also be willing to bet that he would have a large presence at bladeforums, like mr. glesser.