Oct 10, 1999
For Ascent owners,

Have any of you been able to make it a little looser? It is so hard to open compared to my AFCK. I knew it would be hard, but jeez. I backed out the screw and that helped, but not much. Any suggestions?

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I think the difference is primarily in the lock mechinism. I don't see how you can get a lock back to open like a liner lock.

They are different knives, and will perfom differently.

If it is REAL stiff, out of spec. Maybe look at a few others and compare, it should go back to Benchmade. I dont think there is any adjustment to it so they would probably replace it.

If it is that stiff it should go back. The Eclpise/Ascent seems to have so many problems that Benchmade should have included a pre-paid mailer with the knife.
I also had problems with my Ascent. I e-mailed Benchmade. They told me to send it in. I also called the warrenty department. I talked to Travis. I felt that he really cared about me as a customer, and that he wanted me to be 100% happy with my knife. I also did not feel rushed in any way while I was on the phone with him. Travis even told me to not worry about return postage for my Ascent. Call BM. If you have a problem with one of their knives they want it to be right.

Mine was knd of stiff whenI first got it. I put a few drops of Tuff Glide on the pivot area and word it back and forth for awhile (opening and closing probably about 50 times) and it was nicely worked out. Now it opens great.

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