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Dec 3, 1999
My new small Darkstar is a great knife, but the G10 at the pivot end is not rounded and is very sharp, as is the Ti liners on the lock side. Is this the norm or did mine slip by? Thought I should ask before using my Dremel.
Also my new small Stryker lock really sticks, thought Tuff-Glide and use would help but it hasn't.

Any thoughts would be appriciated!
As much as I like my BM - they are notorious for letting all kind of quality levels to escape their shop

This never happened to me with any spyderco

I do like the automatic BM I have...
I think i know what your talking about. On the liner there is a protrusion that is perfectly round shaped. I think that its ment to be there. Maby this will help.
unfortunately i have heard of some quality control problems with some bm's, fortunately all 4 of mine are perfect! i'll stick behind bm any day
Benchmade are great knives, I just wanted to see if your Darkstar had sharp G10 also, before I smooth it to my liking. I would much rather let Benchmade do it. The Darkstar still feels beter in my hand than any of my other knives and the action is super smooth. I highly recommend you get one if you don't have one already. I will also get a large model very soon. The Stryker is also a great knife I highly recommend it.
Maybe I'm a wierd BM owner, but I go by the model #. What is the model # for the "Darkstar?"
Benchmade was number one in my book a couple of years back. Since then, their prices have gone up (at least retail-wise) to push the low end custom stuff. In return for the higher price, we have seen quality fall to new lows.

If you buy Benchmade, goto a gun show or retail outlet where you can hold the actual knife you will receive in your own hands. When they are made right, they are a good value. Unfortunately, a lot of bad product is shipped as well.

Knife dealer

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Sid got it right . . . but we don't all have dealers close enough to permit examination before purchase . . . seems to me that Benchmade would sell more knives if they would get their QC house in order. ;(

You got that right - I also never buy a benchmade anymore without checking it out first hand...
loonybin, the model # for the fullsize darkstar is 880 while the model # for the small size is 885.
The rounding of the G-10 on Benchmades seems to be a little hit-or-miss. The only bad one I've owned was a 330 Pardue Gent's and it was WAY off. One side was fine (maybe a 45 degree angle half the thickness of the scale. The other was probably on the order of 75 degrees and almost ran the full thickness down to the Ti liner.

On the plus side my 710 is as close to perfect as I could want and my new 830s has no problems at all (perfectly sharpened and hair-popping sharp).